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Vasco can enter for the first time in the G-4 of Series B, and the game against the Bahia leader, on Sunday, at 16h, in São Januário, wins the air of decision. Almost all tickets are sold out within 24 hours, and the game will be available throughout the house. Faced with the incident, Zé Ricardo asked the news agency for an interview. This Thursday, he talked about the potential for change, revealing that he had received a message from Sebastian Arenz, the manager of Genoa, from 777 Partners, congratulating him on his victory. CSA and said it had the support of fans on Sunday.

São Januário, in this Series B, has resulted in a large audience and support, but also frustration from the crowd, dissatisfied with the team work. This Thursday, Zé said he understood the request, but spoke of the importance of support to support the group. In addition, it empowers players to speak throughout the week and solicit intelligence and tactics against Bahia.

– We understand all these thoughts from the fans and from the press. We want to improve, refine and bring real joy to all of us at Vasco. I understand the complaints, but we also want to improve performance. It is important that the fans have the right to pay, but it is true that, when they were on our side, and they were very much on our side, São Januário made the cauldron for our team fight.

– Have a well-organized team, with game experts, experienced coaches. Sometimes they give us the ball and try to pass the time so that our whole heart turns against us. We have to be patient and patient, our team is starting to understand that. In the last game you can see that. We do not want every force in São Januário to be a weapon for the enemy, we must know. We are explaining the idea for this game – says Zé Ricardo.

Zé Ricardo, at the press conference, at CT do Vasco – Photo: Tébaro Schmidt

Zé Ricardo also praised Bahia and his coach, Guto Ferreira. He emphasized the importance of the game, emphasizing the rise in team confidence after the CSA win, but insisted that Vasco should remain and follow his advice. since Series B is just the beginning and does not need to be rushed. by the result.

– It’s not easy. I will not change the importance of the game against Bahia, firstly because it is a good club and secondly because it is a team led by a coach I admire (Guto Ferreira). It was a team that had beaten Brazilians, just like Vasco. We know Serie B is very controversial, but the victory of Bahia will give us the details, which is what we always seek. Sometimes we have ideas that end up winning at the end of the game, but, as I said, we have competitors with dangerous players, who are well prepared . I keep saying that we have to follow our plan, I see that we really need it. Confidence with positive results really increases and gives us the certainty and assurance that we can grow in competition. Again: we will not advance to seventh, we should stay in the G4 if possible.

In addition to the game against Bahia, another topic mentioned is the sale of SAF as Vasco to a777 Partners. Zé Ricardo has said he can not predict his future at the club if the Americans pass, but he has revealed that he received the news from Sebastian Arenz, the club’s manager. for Genoa, through 777 Partners, celebrates its recent victory.

– I want to give more difficult answers about all this, but I can not do this futurology test. We have many things to think about, to worry about. We all know here, we live our day to day with great effort and concern about the sequence of races, transportation. Where, when there is a new owner, it is the right of that person, that group. We met there, they knew CT, everyone is here. In the game a staff member of 777 has been here to send congratulations on the victory, I have also benefited from congratulations on the thought of returning from Genoa via Juventus. But I do not know what to do.

Vasco was fifth, with 10 points, three behind Bahia. In case of victory, on Sunday, the team will enter the G-4 of Serie B, something that did not happen last year.

When you have two athletes off, they don’t have to hurry. We can have more balance with more support. That is not the case for this sport (CSA), but we always measure. We have been using different plans from time to time. With Juninho back, he might be able to benefit from the ball, we are talking about a place where the 17-year-old, who is just 18, and Yuri, with a lot of ability and easy distribution, get to play. And Baby. We have to watch every game. If you find that you have other possibilities that give you more, I do not see any problem in replacing it. At first it was not what we thought

Juninho, Figueiredo and Palaces

They started well, especially Junior, Figueiredo and Palácios. Junior who can play small, we do not want to force the bar. He only enters at the end, as much as he can, he’s very left. We understand that it is a time when we put more assembly, we can create. I think we scored when we were already developing more. We may have changes, yes, for Sunday games.

This is an ingrained one, this morning I learned about Pintado leaving. We always have to know how to do the best, I make it clear that I am willing to work with Vasco da Gama, I will do 110% from the first day until the last day I am here. I will do everything on the horizon, I will explain as much as possible under the administration. Let us fight to the end

Nenê and Palácios together?

Nenê and Palácios even played together in Muriaé, holding a similar line of field. It is a field that will teach, day to day that I will read here. I’ve talked a lot with Carlitos, Nenê I already know very well. I believe there may be an event for them to play together. Maybe not for long, but sometimes when we need more violence, yes.

Regarding Erick, I hope to count on him, he is already with us on the field, we can count on him as part of the game. And about the child, we have already talked to him, he already understands that, as he was in Série B, it is necessary to change. He gets two cards, so (saving) will happen at some point. We may be forced to abandon you for certain reasons.

First of all, we look forward to our full-backs too. It is true that we have left more attacks and more defenses, and the same right. This only takes responsibility to work with the weakest people. Edimar’s return to the final game has been a resounding success. We see that they have crossed a lot of the second post. Edimar came up with that, he was very good at questioning unbelievably. So much so that it has been tested very well in the environment, and Riquelme provides exactly the opposite, the volume, which lightness in the triangulation, which we usually apply. It is important to have this change, these two options. It is game by play to be able to use them in what we think is important. The arrival of Gabriel Dias helped Weverton, they succeeded alone. Of course, the strategy is only partially, the other important or more important is what the player has in it, the confidence and the attitude to focus.

Reaching Zé Santos, he came in an accident to get up in the Santa Catarina race. I even talked to him this week, he was so passionate, I think he should get a little more of what we asked for. It’s a job that we have people ahead of him, like Raniel and Getúlio. And Figueiredo, who has good Copinha and good performance. So there were four protesters. Unfortunately, we only climb 11, we can only carry 23. The way he keeps training is that we are safe, when we need him and go.

It’s a connection and, most importantly, CSA has put together a team with experts. We know they can change because they have the Copa do Brasil game. We need to focus. In general, we have seen team play that would theoretically be better and that is not what we see. We found problems for each group. The level of preparation of each team has changed, this is great for Brazilian football. This makes the group change. Today, there are no more fools. Keep in mind that Vasco failed to hold CSA last year, it was a team that played for two years in a row and won in fifth place. That is why I suggest that the game may be decided in detail

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