YouTube will accelerate its integration with Web 3.0 thanks to NFTs

YouTube will accelerate its integration with Web 3.0 thanks to NFTs

Recently the NFT boom has brought many social platforms to the forefront of many blockchain applications. YouTube has decided to join the bandwagon and now plans to rely on NFTs to support its integration into Web 3.0. The social platform hopes to generate new sources of revenue for video content creators.

Improve communication between manufacturers and their fans

In a blog post last Thursday, YouTube Product Manager Neil Mohan explored new opportunities for content creators on his platform. Specifically, it called for the use of NFTs that would allow YouTube to accelerate its Web 3.0 integration. ” We believe that new technologies such as blockchain and NFT can allow designers to build relationships with their fans. Together, they will be able to participate in new jobs and earn money in ways that could not have been done before. “, He said.

While he did not elaborate on YouTube’s current plans for NFT, Mohan provided some insight into how to take advantage of technology. Specifically, he added that manufacturers should Engage in your videos to improve user interaction. Mohan speculation refers to those of YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki, who did just that. The NFTs recently called for an incredible opportunity to support the connection between the designers and their fans in an opening letter last month.

Mr. Mohan also noted that YouTube’s interest in metaviruses, an improvement that positively affects the adoption of NFTs. Specifically, what he remembers Virtual reality has changed the public perception of content An example of a video game. ” We can not talk about new developments without mentioning the metaverse! We are thinking about how to make it more beautiful. The first place you think will see the impact is in the game, where we will work to have a greater impact on the game and keep them alive. ‘, not to say.

That is why YouTube is planning to change the presentation of the content on its platform, taking advantage of the potential of NFTs and metaverse. The first inventory and operations related to the integration of this technology should be available before the end of 2022.

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