Without ICU beds, children face death in Sao Luo | Maran Hav

Patients with special needs waiting for Dr. Odorico Amaral de Matos, Hospital da Criança, transferred to Intensive Care Unit (ICU) was transferred to Dr. Carlos Macieira in São Luís. The case was revealed this week by JM2.

However, many children are still waiting to be taken to hospital. The desire for a bed is a daily occurrence and the family faces a lack of help.

Maria Josileide, 11-year-old Kelven’s mother, has a request with a date that could be hospitalized this Sunday (5th) at Materno Infantil Hospital. But the family has learned today that he will not be able to be transferred.

Mothers despair over the condition of their child being treated at the Children’s Hospital in Soulouse – Photo: Reproduction / Mirante TV

The child is treated at the hospital and every month he is hospitalized. Previously, he came to the Children’s Hospital with respiratory problems and needed a transfer. Boys are immune to the disease, among other health problems.

“My son has a class guide for Monday at Materno. He told me that this guide is not right that there is no way for my son to leave here. My son is going to die. What to do? ‘ “It does not matter to him.”

Alana Barros, Ayslann’s mother’s 1-year-old, waits for an ICU. He was hospitalized with pediatric pneumonia, seizures, and Fabry syndrome (a rare condition that causes a buildup of fat in the arteries).

Children wait for an ICU in Soulouse – Photo: Reproduction / Mirante TV

Seven-month-old Jasmin suffers as she struggles without the necessary resources against the effects of pneumonia and hospital infections. The girl had a nervous breakdown and was fed by a tube. On the other hand, seven-year-old Talles Pietro can no longer wait for surgery. The wait lasted three months.

“My daughter is suffering from a bacterial infection due to overdose. My daughter has a heart problem because her heart cannot pump blood into her bloodstream. My daughter is having a hard time every day. “No, all we want is a bed for our children.”

The Office of the Public Defender of Maranhão (DPE) is still investigating the case. In an interview with JM1 on Monday (30), Soulouse Secretary Joel Nunes said the need for respiratory care is now on the rise.

In a note, the State Department of Health (SES) reported that the network had 36 ICU beds for children and 96 hospitals, which instructed the city to request a transfer by the Regulatory Center.

Work on the Children’s Hospital is not over yet – Photo: Reproduction / Mirante TV

Expansion of the Children’s Hospital has been suspended since February 15. The service is owned by the state government in collaboration with the City of Soulouse in 2018. The Secretary of State for Infrastructure (SINFRA) said that despite the normal service, it had received a letter from Semus informing the city hall. Luís will continue this work.

The hospital receives requests from patients from the capital and the interior of the state. In addition to complaining about lack of beds and adequate treatment, patients’ families complained about delays in emergency care.

In a statement, the city health department (Semus) said all requests had already been made by the Children’s Hospital through the Maranhão Bed Regulation Center, but it was up to the release by the target hospital.

According to Semus, all the children shown are awaiting transfer and are receiving the necessary follow-up from a medical team.

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