With up to 13%, seven cryptocurrencies managed to save themselves from the ‘copper’ that plagues bitcoin; Understand the reasons and whether it is worth the investment

More than 15 thousand projects inside cryptocurrencies they retain similar values ​​and differences within themselves, which explain the downfall of some and ahead of others. Where in a scenario bitcoin (BTC) lost more than 15% in the week, some coins still kept for the time being.

But why does this happen? Well, some work is “off the radar” of analysts and investors, and this leaves the world’s largest cryptocurrencies unaffected by them.

In addition, the fact that because they do not know more, the communities that support less cryptocurrencies like this tend to support the value of assets, believing in the details of the project – as happens with memecoinscase of Dogecoin (DOGE) or Shiba Inu (SHIB).

As the world’s largest cryptocurrencies reported a decline of nearly 30%, the seven jobs rose in the past seven days.

But first, warn about cryptocurrencies

It is imperative that the digital asset business is a volatile medium and that any individual or group can innovate cryptocurrency. However, this does not necessarily mean that the project is large or that it has a future.

We select from the top 100 positions based on market value (shop cap) because it is one of the metrics used to measure the quality of a project, according to Coin Market Cap.

Also, you will find that many of them have similarities with those ethereum (ETH), the second largest cryptocurrency in the world and the darling of analysts. Therefore, when looking at a project, it is best to follow the industry experts about them.

Absence or small data of cryptocurrency can indicate that the project is recent or unknown – and the risk of investing in them increases significantly.

Now, let’s move on to cryptocurrencies that will rise this week:

Position in the value market Name (ticker) Price 24 hours% 7d%
18 TSI (TRX) 0.7695 It -6.53% 13.22%
96 1 inch Network (1INCH) $ 1.29 -0.28% 12.32%
26 Algorand (LAST) 0.6535 It -13.90% 10.63%
50 WAV (WAVES) $ 13.84 6.57% 8.85%
72 Zilliqa (ZIL) 0.7287 It -3.86% 3.28%
67 Curve DAO Token (CRV) $ 2.12 -11.93% 2.81%
73 USD Neutrino (USDN) 0.9817 It 0.17% 0.57%
Source: Coin MarketCap

1 – TRON (TRX)

The first cryptocurrency that was saved in the last week is the tron. According to free paperwhich brought the idea that the developers created the project, this is the network (blockchain) Focus on Website 3.0.

It aims to increase the involvement of content creators in distributing revenue to their work. “Users can pay directly to their favorite channels without the need for a platform like Facebook or Youtube”, the statement said.

Our last guests at Crypto Chat, CEO of Dux – Getting Started Focuses on Web 3.0 -, Luiz Octavio Gonçalves Neto, shows what the new generation of internet nem in the final program. He also mentions his favorite work related to the novel.

2 – 1 Inch Network (1INCH)

Follow these steps, the 1 inch intended to be the standard for the smooth operation of DeFis communications, financial management. This includes making the process faster, safer and, of course, mutually beneficial.

The difference of 1INCH is that it is a process governed by a decentralized autonomous organization (decentralized autonomous organizationor simple DAO), where there is no developer in the middle, but smart contracts (smart contracts) is developed and validated by the network partners.

This blockchain has more than 70 financial support providers on the ethereum network and has already received series A (focus on project consolidation) and series B (focus on expansion projects) totaling US $ 187 million. .

3 – Algorand (FACT)

The network of Algorand define itself as “self-supporting, distributed blockchain-based network project”. In other words, it is the first level of resolution (layer 1 or L1) – or “zero layer”, as some analysts like to call it.

It supports the development of other cryptocurrencies and digital environments, such as the ethereum network. However, it has business value (gas prices) smaller than that of ETH, which usually revolves around US $ 25 (R $ 127) average.


Similarly, the Waves network is also a process that seeks to improve the development of blockchain applications, such as DApps (decentralized apps or decentralized application) and smart contracts.

By 2020, Waves developers have integrated the blockchain into the ethereum network, turning WAVES cryptocurrency into ERC-20 – Ethereum Request Information, default tokens for creating projects in the ether.

5 – Zilliqa (ZIL)

Another cryptocurrency that it focuses on is scalability, project design and cheaper cost Zilliqa. Now, the network is making hundreds of changes in a second and is looking to increase this number with every new update.

In addition to facilitating the development of fairness applications, Zilliqa also excels hold of cryptocurrencies – a type of “dividend” in the crypto industry that allows users to earn coins in their wallets.

6 – Curve DAO Token (CRV)

One of the few best-known projects in this paper, the Curve DAO Token is one of the first DAO projects focused only on the DeFis universe.

This blockchain promises to be one automated industry maker (AMM), provides a powerful activation for the main DeFi protocol available in the market.

CRV usually helps developers stabilitycoins to keep their tokens (cryptocurrencies) stable during uncertain times, which often lead to exchange rates.

7 – USD Neutrino (USDN)

In the end, this is one of them stabilitycoins available on the market, Neutrino USD. These “fixed funds” have 1-to-1 parity with other benefits – this, dollar – or with the product.

Its lower value (it fluctuates around US $ 0.98) is largely due to a protocol modification and the necessary investments for the company after the announcement to be able to maintain the balance. multiply by the dollar amount.

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