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It was another day mom. The Ginásio do Sabiazinho, in Uberlândia, was packed, with almost six thousand people. Many playful parents make an effort to be with their children during this special time. Cruzeiro’s mother received a special gift. Cruzeiro beat Minas from 3 hours to 0 (25/20, 36/34, 25/20) and, as they also won the first game, closed the decision in 2 to 1, and guaranteed the title of Men’s Superliga at Volleyball 2021/2022.

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Cruzeiro started with a bang and won for the first time. The second looks like it will last forever. It lasted almost an hour, with many options for the parties, but it was the heavenly crowd that managed to close it. With a knife and cheese in hand, Cruzeiro took us and knocked. With the result, the celestial team won the fifth title of the season: Mundial, Supercopa, Mineiro Sul-Americano and, now, Superliga.

Wallace and Cachopa celebrate Cruzeiro points in Volleyball Superleague final – Photo: Announcement / Sada Cruzeiro

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After two letters out of the final, Cruzeiro not only reached the final decision again, but also won seven titles at the tournament in its history. In the 2011/2012 season, the Celestial team won its first cup. Years later, he took over as vice president. And then edit a block of five consecutive races.

Despite the second consecutive title (last season, they lost to Taubaté), Minas is still the biggest winner in the Superliga. There are nine names. The last occurred in the 2006/2007 season. Cruzeiro is the second-largest winner of the race.

Rodriguinho is the name of the latter. Excited from the start, it was called the game of all time and was the highlight of the second and final decision. Cachopa excels in product distribution, gaining a competitive edge. For Minas, Honorato is the player who continues to play throughout the game, helping to pass and attack. Kelvi did a great job.

Cruzeiro had an almost perfect race. In the first round, they won 20 of 22 games and finished second, behind Minas, who had the same record, but scored better. Two slides to Minas (3 x 1) and Sesi (3 x 1), both away from home.

In the quarterfinals, the Heavenly team could easily beat São José with a double 3 x 0. In the semifinals, they worked very hard against Sesi, a team they had defeated has. In the first game, they won by 3 x 2. In the second, they got another 3 x 0. In the end, they beat Minas by 3 x 2 in the first duel, they lost the second by at 3 x 2, but this Sunday they won the third by 3 x 0.

The best time of the last

Best time: Cruzeiro 3 x 2 Minas in Men's Volleyball Superleague final

Best time: Cruzeiro 3 x 2 Minas in Men’s Volleyball Superleague final

Best time: Cruzeiro 2 x 3 Minas for 2nd match of Men's Superliga final

Best time: Cruzeiro 2 x 3 Minas for 2nd match of Men’s Superliga final

Best time: Minas 0 x 3 Cruzeiro for 3rd match of Men's Superliga final

Best time: Minas 0 x 3 Cruzeiro for 3rd match of Men’s Superliga final

Cruise starts rocking

Cruzeiro begins to continue in the game. Otávio softened Kelvi’s attack and then made it 4 to 2. Lopez stopped Vissotto in the block and the advantage went to four points (6 to 2). Cachopa goes to the service and expands further with ace and crossings (10 to 4). With Vissotto uninspired, Nery decides to make an inversion in the middle of the set. And managed to reduce it to 17 to 13, in good resistance from Sanchez. Despite the improvement of Minas, Cruzeiro continued unabated. In the race, Lopez threw a ball into the air for Wallace. The strike strikes a similar pattern without defense (24 to 19). In William’s touchdown, Cruzeiro closed for the first time at 25-20.

Lopez and Lukinha celebrate Cruzeiro theme in Volleyball Superleague final – Photo: Announcement / Sada Cruzeiro

Minas bounced back for a second and managed to balance the game. The teams exchanged points until Leozinho hit the ball at assist and the ball came back free. William left Vissotto in the singles and the opposite made it 9 to 7. Cruzeiro tied in a beautiful pipe from Lopez (12 to 12) and went ahead in an attack. by Wallace. But Vissotto stopped Rodriguinho and then took advantage of the attack, putting Minas back in front of the score (15 to 14).

The team started to exchange points, when Felipe put Cledenilson in place of Cachopa to raise the block. And it works. Rodriguinho captured Honorato and made it 22 to 20. Kelvi worked well and then made a save in Wallace’s attack. Vissotto received, turned and tied from 23 to 23. Arthur Bento captured Lopez in the block and turned to Minas (24 to 23). The lights were tight, with Cruzeiro saving the candidate points. When the celestial team struggled, Rodriguinho turned 29 to 28. Then it was Minas’ turn to save the opponent points. Until Lukinha rescued a dribble from Vissotto, Cachopa called Rodriguinho, who closed in a magnificent 36 to 34.

Cruzeiro celebrates the end of the Volleyball Superleague – Photo: Announcement / Sada Cruzeiro

Natural tranquility. i voltage

Volume, Cruzeiro took advantage of Minas’ thummp opening four to one in three layers. Minas tried to respond, but the intervention by Lopez, who caught the net and fell, sent the heavenly crowd back to normal (10 to 5). Wallace ace and more open (14 to 7). Leozinho took Wallace and gave Minas a breath of hope (20 to 16). But it stopped there. Lopez and Rodriguinho also turned the ball over and Cruzeiro closed the scoring from 25 to 20 in the error service of Matheus Pinta.

Wallace, by Cruzeiro, says after the title:

Wallace, from Cruzeiro, said after the title: “We have managed to have a better relationship, maybe that makes a difference.”

The final score of each Game 3 set

Seven time champion!  Cruzeiro defeated Minas by 3 sets to 0 and won the 2021/22 Superliga

Seven time champion! Cruzeiro defeated Minas by 3 sets to 0 and won the 2021/22 Superliga

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