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Google returns to project with smart glasses

Google returns to project with smart glasses

Of the many new products that Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, unveiled to the public this week, the most entertaining are the two glasses. Anyone who remembers the Google Glasses fiasco ten years ago will be spared a little care. These new mirrors, however, seem so peaceful that no one will see them on the road. And yet, they are intelligent enough to create information through the lens of the wearer.

In the demo video, Pichai shows a man who speaks Spanish but not English reading created the script in time. Traveling around the globe can be a daunting task. But there is no day for these true glasses to hit the retail market. It’s a product of improving and expanding what Google has called the “technology environment.” In a way, Google is trying to be Apple.

Ambient technology is generally subtle. One of the Google issues is good, its business logic is not the same as Apple’s. Apple sells these machines. Google sells advertising.

As Apple sells these devices, its goal is to make them very unique, easy to use, loaded with services that encourage users to continue using the brand. The integration is so important that everyone who buys an iPhone thinks they deserve an iPad, maybe a MacBook.

Since Google sells ads, it has to be played in big numbers. Many people use Google products hours of the day, the data behavior of many companies need to focus on advertising accuracy. So Google does not want to be special. Your Android system has not been designed for a few. It should depend on as many smartphones as you can. Everyone will be the creator of the record to sell the ad.

The result of almost all Android phones is that Google has no control over how the machine works. But during the Google I / O conference this week, the company launched a new generation of its own smartphone, the per pixel 7. This year, it will also announce new tablets, Pixel Buds for the ear and Pixel Watch. The entire line of high-end devices, can compete with Apple or Samsung. The company allows Android system and device group to work together.

This future integration starts with the machines we have already worked on as if they were just a computer. Then came the glasses, the sharp clothes. And whatever it is.

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