With Starfield and Redfall slowing down, first-party programming on the Xbox Game Pass can be crowded

With Starfield and Redfall slowing down, first-party programming on the Xbox Game Pass can be crowded

There is something wrong with Redmond, because it found itself with years of inability to first party game two years after the release of Xbox Series X | S. is also in development, joining a rich area of ​​developers and insiders such as Eastern Europe), but even considering all this, it is unusual to be sure to be How the internal productions for Xbox Game Pass continue to hide, even after a good. The period is 2021. Especially considering the massive currents reached by Xbox Game Studios and the value of the group and the work being done.

In addition to this assumption, the delay from Starfield and Redfall particularly affected: the rare game first party on Xbox can benefit greatly from the announcement of two Bethesda titles, especially the first one that seems to be the event-game of major importance. We are talking about a very big one that has 24 development teams (including people from Bethesda), who are still preparing to join the giants Activision Blizzard (unless FTC affected), how can it be that you are in this situation?

The timing of the recent acquisition was never in his favor: Bethesda received when he had already signed especially with Sonyfound itself in the throes of releasing its first game as an Xbox first special edition on the PS5 and PS4.

Similarly, Obsidian, InXile and Double Fine were released by the much-anticipated commercials at the time of their recent release at Xbox Game Studios, or close to the release of some of the games already announced. As a result, a new class at Microsoft has represented some of the all-new startups for many developers, finding themselves starting from scratch with new activities in recent years. Considering that, however, around 2018 there may be an opportunity to devise something, deciding that such a competition may be able to present more challenging tasks. time is short and in the same difficulty. Of course, Microsoft intends to create a more welcoming and protective work environment, but that should not prevent the organization from working harder.

However, is it too early to decide as the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase 2022 conference on June 12th will see a change in that direction? We hope that, therefore, there will finally be more real work in the works that we know nothing about and that could be released by surprise in the coming months.

With Redfall and Starfield for 2023 we can have a unification of the game since, at least according to rumors, many titles need to be announced elsewhere. Now we have nothing to do but wait for the 12th meeting.

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