With popcorn, Flamengo arrived in Ceará as a request for “respect and commitment”; Lacy is cursed | Brazilian series a

Flamengo landed in Fortaleza on Friday night, ahead of the collision with Ceará, scheduled for Saturday, at 4:30 pm (GMT), at Castelão, in many protests. Popcorn tossed by Marcos Braz, who was booed, and the curse of Rodolfo Landim set the tone for the red-black arrival.

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When the bus appeared at the hotel entrance, at 8:10 pm (GMT), the cries of “We need respect and commitment, this is not Vasco, this is Flamengo” start . President Rodolfo Landim, who was not with the delegation, was the most outspoken critic. Fans shouted: “Landim, go f …, I Flamengo do not need you”.

Popcorn was thrown when Bruno Spindel and Marcos Braz got off the Flamengo bus. The main target is Braz.

Popcorn is thrown at the Flamengo delegation upon arrival in Fortaleza – Photo: Eric Faria

Popcorn on the floor while David Luiz, from Flamengo, pays fans – Photo: Eric Faria

Minutes before the group arrived, a group of members of one of the organizations stood in front of the main entrance of the Rio de Janeiro concentration camp and displayed leaflets against the hospital, president Rodolfo Landim and vice-president of football Marcos Braz. In the end of them, the red-black spot in the Brazilian (14th) is the target of complaint.

A group of fans from the Flamengo organization protested against the board and DM – Photo: Beatriz Carvalho

During the landing, no strikes are reported to the players. The first people who got off the bus saw a worried face, but a few of the athletes who had been passionate about the reception in the past were re-examined.

David Luiz once again spent minutes with the fans. Pablo, who is nationally recognized with the Ceará shirt, was also passionate. Everton Ribeiro, Rodrigo Caio, Matheuzinho and Rodinei do the same.

Pablo is passionate about Flamengo fans – Photo: Beatriz Carvalho

David Luiz meets fans at Flamengo hotel – Photo: Eric Faria

Support for Paulo Sousa and David Luiz in the face of adversity

Everton fan Felipe, red-black and Ceará resident, reiterates the point he made in 2019 with Jorge Jesus before a 2-1 win over Fortaleza. He went to the Flamengo hotel to send pictures of Padre Cícero, patron saint of Juazeiro do Norte and treated as a saint in Ceará. He also took pictures of Paulo Sousa and David Luiz as woodcuts, printed on cariri stone.

Everton have announced the art of Dona Graça and Rafael, who live in the town of Nova Olinda. He explained why he had chosen Paul and David to be overseers.

– David Luiz and Paulo Sousa are very charismatic with the crowd and give love and care to everyone. I would like to give a gift to the red-black team for all the blessings – said the young man.

Everton Felipe cut by Paulo Sousa and David Luiz and photos by Padre Cícero – Photo: Beatriz Carvalho

In another voice, supporter Leonardo Souza, who will not be able to attend the Castelão Arena because he will be working during the game, has expressed all his grievances with Rodolfo Landim, Marcos Braz, Bruno Spindel and Paulo Sousa.

– It was an attack against the team, against the coach and against the players because the team lost a lot and played poorly. It’s the four bad coaches that Braz hires – says Leonardo.

Leonardo Souza poses for a photo against Flamengo coach and director – Photo: Eric Faria

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