Why Musk’s Twitter Bid Has Shaken Tesla Investors

Some business owners say that Mr. Musk’s Twitter posts – he once drew comparisons between Justin Trudeau, president of Canada, and Hitler – have damaged Tesla.

Kristin Hull, founder and CEO of Nia Impact Capital, an venture capital firm in Oakland, Calif. “The man said a lot of disagreements,” said the company, which has a positive impact on the relationship. “Are they affected? Are they confused? Does it interfere with the stock price from its tweets? Absolutely. ”

With Mr. Musk became the owner of Twitter, “it only gets bigger,” Ms. Hull said. Nia recently sold most of it to Tesla, he said, because of money laundering in response to the company’s response to allegations of racism at its factory in Fremont, Calif.

Mr. Musk ownership of Twitter could make some Tesla buyers potential. Among those deciding to buy an electric car, Democrats overtook Republicans by almost two to one, according to Morning Consult, a research firm. But the Democrats are also the party most likely to be ousted if Mr. Musk, in the name of free speech, opens Twitter for malicious or misleading information.

The findings on Twitter could lead to further scrutiny of Mr. Musk from the management of the industry. It has been sued by a Twitter owner who accused him of missing the last term of administration by announcing that he had received 5 percent of the stakes on the platform.

The lawsuit, filed by Block & Leviton, a Boston law firm, states that Mr. Musk saved himself tens of millions of dollars by waiting for the last day to expand his stake. He could continue to buy Twitter shares cheaper than he could if his interest was in public awareness, lawsuits.

Mr. Musk has a long history of litigation with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Last month he failed to meet a New York judge releasing him on a 2018 contract with the SEC that required him to have a company lawyer examine his broadcasts. nature if the terms could move Tesla price share.

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