Why Jony Ive Left Apple for ‘Accountants’

The new plan released Mr. Ive been on a regular trip to the company headquarters in Cupertino. It changes from the close proximity of the daily inspection material to the regular time when the weeks will pass without weight. Sometimes the word would spread to the studio where he was unexpectedly coming from the office. Workers were compared to the time that followed the old picture of the 1920s stock market crash with data being thrown into the air and people scurrying around in rage to prepare it for its arrival. about.

With the hope of getting on Wall Street for the 10th-year anniversary of the iPhone in early 2017, Mr. Ive called the company’s top software developers in San Francisco for product testing. A team of about 20 arrived from the city specializing in social organizations, The Battery, and began presenting 11-by-17-inch printouts of creative ideas inside the club’s penthouse. They need Mr. Ive recommended a few features of the first iPhone with full screen display.

They waited that day for nearly three hours for Mr. Ive. When he finally arrived, he did not apologize. He examines their publications and provides commentary. He then left without making a final decision. As their work was stopped, many wondered, How did it come about?

When Mr. Ive not come, Mr. Cook began to refine the company in his image. He replaced company chief executive Mickey Drexler, gift maker who created Gap and J. Crew, along with James Bell, chief financial officer of Boeing. Mr. Ive was outraged that the left-wing leader had replaced one of the few right-wing leaders. “It’s another of the accountants,” he complained to colleagues.

Mr. Cook also supported the company’s financial services company, which has begun investigating outsiders. At one point, the department did not accept a formal payment letter sent by Foster + Partners, a design company working with Mr. Ive completed the new company $ 5 billion in campus, Apple Park.

In these protests, Mr. Cook has begun to expand Apple’s strategy to sell more services. While working out in 2017, Mr. Ive gone outside to get some fresh air when a newcomer to Apple named Peter Stern preceded the company executives. Mr. Stern clicked on the X-shaped image to show that Apple’s revenue from sales of iPhones, iPads and Macs was declining as revenue increased through the sale of software and services like it. iCloud storage.

The presentation was important to some of the audience. He described the future of Mr. Ive – and the company’s business as a manufacturing company – will have fewer problems and Mr. Cook key components such as Apple Music and iCloud, will have more problems.

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