Why Ethereum (and not bitcoin) is a major investor in cryptocurrencies by one of the major financial regulators of the market

The concept of membership is simple when we talk about the physical world. An original Ferrari, Da Vinci or something as simple as a cup is yours at the time of purchase. But what about the content created in Internet? And what to do with the edge of cryptocurrenciesas well bitcoin it is ethereum?

In the future — perhaps even a little further — these questions can be easily answered: the proclamation of Facebook belongs to the user account, who can pay for it. This is a research that has never been seen before somethe financial manager attached to A Unibanco.

Including all BRL 56.5 billion in management, the company traditional in financial industry plunged into the edge of cryptocurrencies and highlights the potential of ethereum (ETH) as the basis of the entire validation system in the next generation of Interneta Web 3.0.

Ethereum is the core of Web 3.0

Who did the research right Rodrigo ZobaranQuantitative Research Analyst at someshowed inside crypto assetsmodel macroeconomic and dynamics market.

He claimed that the ethereum – and no bitcoin – It’s the best digital results to bet on because it lists the other characteristics cryptocurrencies has not been completed.

In this world more and more digitala industry of three generations of Internetwords Web 3.0, is focused on user and content development experience. But what does that really mean?

Quick recap: first generation of internet is a place to use, no discussions of the user. The second stage of the web (where social networks appear) Focus on user experience.

Source: Kinea

“Of web 3.0 the user can store their content in a blockchain and choose to advertise or not. In the future, the platform may even pay you to publish a post “, Zobaran said.

The metaverse, a favorite of the Facebook intends to explore, is one of the activities in web 3.0. To ensure that the content is owned by the user, the machine knows the world around cryptocurrencies and start validate works of art start to take other files: the NFTsacronym for non fungible token, or digital certificate.

By the way, before understanding why Ethereum is so profitable at this time, it is important to understand what is happening in the macro industry. Thus, we explain why the decline in bitcoin at the end of the year is not ruled out, according to analyst Tassio Lago.

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Why Ethereum?

With the completion of this technology, let us step into the market: why Kinea betting on ethereum (ETH) as technology can help web 3.0?

LUB ETH is the first authority to create digital certificates, the NFTs. And for being the oldest of the second generation of cryptocurrencieswhich was created with the aim of building platforms for the creation of projects, the ethereum has already passed many stress tests and updates, which makes it ahead of other digital benefits such as Solana (Date) and polkadot (DOT), according to the expert some.

“PLEASE ethereum has been frustrating more times than any other job, “Zobaran said,” and it’s not like that ethereum out of the air, as happens with the Solanathat lives 24 hours offline”.

The advantages of Ethereum over Bitcoin

LUB bitcoin (BTC) was the world’s first digital giant, and ushered in the first generation of cryptocurrencies. That blockchain (network) is a static process that has become less of an update – much like the recent case with Taproot, which took four years to improve.

In contrast, the ethereum (ETH) and the second generation of cryptocurrencies greater community involvement and design blockchains allows for changes and solutions to be more effective.

“In this world the focus continues ESG [sigla para boas práticas socioambientais e de governança]a paradigm shift in the proof-of-work of bitcoin in relation to proof-of-stakes of ethereum is essential for the transition to this new situation ”, says Zobaran.

LUB proof-of-work is a method used in mining inside cryptocurrencies which consumes a lot of energy and has been heavily criticized as a negative environment of control bitcoin. You can understand more about digging through cryptocurrencies click here.

LUB proof-of-stakes is considered as a form of low voltage electricity monitoring network, which has been welcomed by the international community. cryptocurrencies. These technologies have already been used in other currency markets, e.g. Cardano (ADA) and Chanlink (LINK).

tradition and modernity

Hear the experts of the president of the industry always speak in information about the world of cryptocurrencies is still rare.

LUB some is one of the first houses to open a part, even small, in the digital benefits of information such as commodities, fixed income and other assets.

Zobaran did not specify how much of the information the administrator held crypto currencybut that some capable in ethereum and a good job in it bitcoin for a time of economic stress.

cold shower

Despite the optimism with the cryptocurrencies and with all digital environmentKinea analysts say it is important to maintain data balance and point out that investing in digital assets is a volatile alternative.

In addition, Zobaran identifies two factors affecting the growth of this market: the heavy management of United States of digital assets, which has already caused a lot of stress cryptocurrencies in the last week, and over time the business will take time to get these assets off the ground.

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