Why can bacon be as dangerous as tobacco?

You should have seen in the movies and films that African breakfast is very caloric, rich in sugar and fat. One of the dishes that stands out from this meal is bacon, usually eaten with eggs. But since 2015, including these foods in the first meal of the day has become as dangerous as light smoking.

That is because the World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that bacon can be as much carcinogenic as tobacco. However, let the truth be clear: this food is not alone on the WHO list, as the organization warns of the dangers of whole meats such as salami, sausage , hams, etc.

What causes carcinogenic foods?

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According to the WHO, eating 50 grams of processed meat daily will increase the risk of leukemia by 18% over the previous year. Estimates from the British newspaper Guardian The findings suggest that dieting is responsible for up to 34,000 deaths a year.

While making these meats to improve flavor, by smoking, salting and curing, for example, companies include products that are not present in the diet, such as nitrates and nitrites, added to salt.

The human body even knows how to control nitrates and nitrites. For example, nitrate helps produce saliva and the rest is excreted in the urine. Nitrite interacts with bacteria caused by an imbalance in hemoglobin, a protein responsible for transporting oxygen in the blood. It turns out that nitrites produce another substance called nitrosamine, which is highly carcinogenic.

Who can decide that bacon is bad?

To include processed meat in its list of potential carcinogenic products, the WHO has examined no more than 400 studies, from ten different countries, by topic. This means that the organization has been researching the diagnosis and disease of thousands of people, creating evidence that identifies the hypothesis that these foods can pose a risk. of leukemia.

What is the incidence of gastrointestinal disease in Brazil?

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According to data from the National Cancer Institute (Inca), each year, about 40,000 Brazilians are diagnosed with leukemia. It is the three most common type of leukemia in the country.

Also according to Inca, 30% of these people would not have this disease if they had eaten a good diet, with less eating a complete diet. Inca project value of R $ 1 billion according to the need for leukemia treatment in 2030 by SUS.

The WHO endorsement led to a drop in pork consumption in the UK in 2015. Major retailers reported a £ 3 million drop in sales. However, weeks later, consumption increased further.

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