WhatsApp will allow you to filter ‘unread’ conversations

Another update will be released soon Whatsapp. It turns out that the application should allow application users to filter the conversations they want to appear on the messenger home screen. As a result, it will only be able to see the chats that have not been read.

Initially, the information was provided by the specialized website WBetaInfo. The platform has identified an update to the beta (e.g. trial) version of the app.

In addition to filtering conversations that have not yet been read by users, the app Whatsapp I also need changes to three more things in the application: discussion forums, non-contact discussions, and groups.

Finally, it is important to note that the chat filter feature has already been used in WhatsApp Business, the commercial version of Messenger.

Now, with the expansion, all Android and iOS phones, in addition to the desktop, can enjoy filtering, with little difference compared to the same device in the Market.

So far, there is no estimate when the new version will be released.

WhatsApp plans to announce group elections

LUB Whatsapp intends to include the latest updates in its application to make it work better for its users. To the best of its ability, the company has already tried to implement the options in beta version for iOS.

The news was reported by a special website, WBetaInfo, through the posting of some photos taken by the user of Whatsapp beta. Given this, it is worth noting that the feature is still in beta.

Considering the benefits of the new features, it will only help the users of these Whatsapp Industry. This is because it will be possible to get information from your users through queries prepared with the tool, among other options.

Until now, no special date for the release of new features has been released. However, considering that it is already in the beta phase of the Messenger version, it is possible that the update will be implemented soon. Tests help identify errors and failures so they can be corrected.

However, it is worth noting that the new version of the election is still limited to the iOS beta version of Whatsapp. However, it should also be released for the Android app. As for the tool, you can count up to 12 questions for answers and set up as many as you can.

It should be noted that these polls must be used or used in WhatsApp groups. Therefore, in order to submit a questionnaire, it is necessary to join some group of mailers.

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