WhatsApp plans to release new tools for users. Know where

LUB Whatsapp intends to include the latest updates in its application to make it work better for its users. To the best of its ability, the company has already tried to implement the options in beta version for iOS.

The announcements were made by a special site in the area, WBetaInfo, through the posting of some photos by the user of Whatsapp beta. Therefore, it is necessary that this feature is still in the final stages.

Considering the benefits of the new features, it will only help the users of these Whatpp Industry. This is because it will be possible to get information from your users through queries prepared with the tool, among other options.

Election of WhatsApp

Until now, no special date for the release of new features has been released. However, considering that it has already been in the beta phase of the Messenger version, it is possible that the update will be available soon. Tests help identify errors and failures so they can be corrected.

However, it is worth noting that the new version of the election is still limited to the iOS beta version of Whatsapp. However, it should also be released for the Android app. As for the tool, you can count up to 12 questions for answers and set up as many as you can.

It should be noted that these polls must be used or used in WhatsApp groups. Therefore, in order to submit a questionnaire, it is necessary to join some group of mailers.

New version of Whatsapp makes some users unhappy

WhatsApp provides a web version so that users can access their accounts from their computer. Although this option often makes people’s lives easier, the system does not have to function as needed.

At the beginning of April, many users complained on their Twitter accounts that the email browser was slow, even after the message appeared, the history of what was sent before the cell phone did not. be there.

According to the company, the issues relate to new features that allow simultaneous connection of the same account on up to four devices. The device has been used slowly since last year, but this process has affected the users.

How WhatsApp Web works

Before the new feature, cell phones operated as the main device to access the information on the computer. It looks like the cell phone only has “mirrored” content.

However, for now, all you need to do is sync your cell phone data with the history message to other devices. Thus, it can access data without the need for a smartphone.

“When an extra item [computador] is connected, the main device [celular] encrypts a packet of messages from a recent conversation and transfers them to the new device.

In hindsight, it looks like the new device has received an “override key” for downloading, deciding and storing data contained in cell phones. So, after completion, the computer removes this key, but still connects to the history message.

“Other data is needed more than the initial exchange of the phone,” the company explains on its website, without specifying what that data is.

However, it is important to note that the messenger uses the synchronization method, used when updating from a cell phone. In addition, these tools come into play when the user adds contacts, mutes conversations, or when he or she draws words as a preference.

In addition, the choice of stickers or stickers also occurs in the synchronization process.

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