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WhatsApp is working on features that can be added for future updates. The Meta app, available for Android and iPhone (iOS) phones, has many features in the last phase, including a premium version for WhatsApp operation, additional group selection, legal status of discussions and much more. In the post published by the WABetaInfo website, it has already been given an understanding of how operations should work.

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It is worth noting that once these features are tested, they will not be required in the messaging app. Check out, below, five features that will come to WhatsApp in the future.

Check out what functions can be used in WhatsApp in the future update – Photos: Print / Getty Images

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WhatsApp operation “Premium”

One unique feature that the Messenger is experimenting with is the option to sign up for financial services. WhatsApp Business “Premium” should bring additional business features, such as the ability to connect business accounts with up to ten devices. In addition, according to the WABetaInfo portal, the messenger is working on a new connection for the “Connect” section of the commercial version of the app. Additional information on other job applications, including pricing, is not yet available. released.

Interface of the section “Product Links” in development – Image: Advertisement / WBetaInfo

Create and respond to group elections

Another special feature that should come up in the near future update of the messaging app is the working group election. Apparently, the tool will allow you to create and respond to group elections, similar to the Telegram function. The interface of the features under test, found in a beta version for Android and iPhone phones, shows an extensive bubble where you can select a field option and bring it to life. tap “Shape” to calculate the vote. Choices will be shared with other participants in the discussion.

Layout of group elections in the experimental version – Image: Advertisement / WABetaInfo

Keep notes in the conversation

Another special improvement in WhatsApp found in the Beta version for the iPhone is the ability to store messages temporarily, which will disappear after some time, in chat. In the trial version, a notification appears on the screen asking if the user wants to save the conversation message. If you change your mind, like, you can go back to the words for a while.

Users can save comments temporarily in the trial version – Image: Share / WABetaInfo

Location and time stickers, like on Instagram

WhatsApp is adjusting the current location and time stickers that can be added to Status photos and videos. The model under development is similar to Instagram stickers. In the beta version, WhatsApp uses Android APIs to create user settings and create stickers. Unlike the current features where the sticker is called “Location”, future stickers will be represented with a custom name of the location.

WhatsApp works by modifying the location and time stickers – Image: Ads / WBetaInfo

See updated status directly from the contact list

Seeing updates updated directly from the list of contacts is one of the tasks that should arrive on Whatsapp – Image: Published: Wabetainfo

WhatsApp is also expected to announce a special feature that allows you to identify contacts’ policy updates directly from the contact list. Similar to Instagram Stories, a green “circle” will appear around the profile picture of the user which adds status, so you can check for updates by tapping on the image. If added, the device will allow more people to check the “Rights” section of the messaging app.

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