What Metaverso can add to your online sales strategy

by Rafael Leitão

Tuesday, April 05, 2022

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You may have heard of the time MetaCommerce or Metaverse Commerce, a word from the metaverseThe potential integration of sales through this digital space has shown that it will be the most important for online sales, regardless of the category or model of the product or service. service.

This could be a channel that has the potential to be the next major step in the online sales model, today represented by e-commerce, in Web 2.0 mode, thus driving and Affected by social media (Social Selling, LiveCommerce). A study of the entire ecosystem related to the metaverse concept, developed by JP Morgan (Time in the metaverse) and CreditSuisse (Metaverse: A Guide to the Next-Gen Internet), reveals changes. change of attitudes and purchases of the Z and Alpha generation (- 25 years) to model purchases through the channel with greater awareness and adherence to gamified, hyperrealistic concepts related to community models movement.

Even before starting to delve deep into the concept of MetaCommerce, it is important to point out what the various meanings of the metaverse are. I can count on many options here, but let’s rely on the insights created by Tony Parisi, one of the pioneers of virtual reality and one of the greatest developers of 3D software. It means:

“The metaverse is a global network of spatial process details, mostly 3D … available to all without limits, for use in all human endeavors – a new and profoundly transformative medium, made possible by major innovations in hardware, human-computer interface, infrastructure network., intelligent devices and digital industries “.

Starting from these topics about marketing, communication and the use of technology, it is clear how closely the metaverse relates to the behavior and change of culture. To focus, think about what a channel designed for human interaction would be like, without users or communities. That way, these channels will not change, as Matthew Ball (The Metaverse) says, one of the experts in the study of change is Social. Based on these words, I can conclude that “the metaverse is a 3D representation of culture and people”.

We are here about a new era of technology that mirrors the character of the community that was preparing for the Web 3.0 era, today definitely and is starting to be well represented by young people. visitors and early consumers.

Where there are relationships or communities, there is a relationship between business, sales of services and products, product presentation and advertising, entertainment and more. potential for direct interaction with users in the metaverse. In this business relationship, we have seen the beginning of a successful digital exchange that will directly impact e-commerce, MetaCommerce. After all, most future investments will focus on this new model.

We are talking about new technologies, channels or movements, with huge opportunities for development and with reliance on other new technologies. Despite all of these challenges, according to the JP Morgan report (Time in the metaverse), the change is likely to be explored in some way by all projects in the coming years, given business turnover estimated at more than US $ 1 trillion. in income. annual fee, which may increase due to the change in the use of virtual currencies (NFT), today already with an investment of more than US $ 41 billion.

Stores and stores in the metaverse (Web3.0) will be the new Social Commerce (Web2.0) model

Online sales and e-commerce in Brazil continue. In 2021, there will be a growth of 26.9% compared to the previous year, according to Neotrust, the bad behavior that is often driven by contagion, while the representative growth in various groups of products and services. However, the most important thing is that at the same time, more than US $ 2 billion in virtual reality headsets were sold, a significant growth in new virtual users.

In recent months, we have seen changes in content consumption, mostly in relation to sales patterns by Business Marketing and Live businessbut has become a reality and is in the constant process of maturation. It is evident that the business of selling relationships from the online environment has become more interactive and human, increasingly based on the model of governance and community building. And this leads to a shift in the importance of the designer to their product or service.

Now, when this relationship is affected by differences in the gaming environment (communities, advanced technology) and access to virtual reality applications, this change can change. And it is exactly in the context of the consumption of online content in virtual reality that big business is predicting, knowing that this relationship can turn into sales of digital and physical equipment.

According to research by Deloitte and Snap, 75% of the global population using social media by 2025 will be multiple users of virtual or augmented reality. This will directly affect how this new generation will shop online.

Evidence of the importance of these new behaviors, as large companies and products are aware of this change, we can see the key issues affecting MetaCommerce. world with their real world stuff. In this sense, there are cases with great value like Nike, which sells more than 600 pairs of sneakers that are not available in the store in just seven minutes, generating more than $ 3.1M USD. Or Dolce & Gabbana, which has started selling its new collection by NFT – in one sale of its Collezione Genesi collection, it grossed over $ 5.6M USD. In addition to these examples with great benefits, other companies with online sales, such as Adidas, H&M, Samsung, Vans, LG Electronics and General Electric, are launching their sales strategies in metaverse, even in a gamified environment, e.g. such as Roblox, or Social Metaverse, such as Decentraland.

Recommendations for planning goals for MetaCommerce

Take advantage of this challenge, think critically and enjoy

Balance is the key to all aspects of the idea, skepticism and appreciation at the same time. Pay close attention to the movements that occur and absorb the advantages that the metaverse can bring to your mind, understanding that there are no restrictions on the impact of technology, without experts expertise, data security and clear rules. Think: whoever comes first will be more competitive, absorb more information and have more time to refine their ideas. However, still thinking first and not adding anything to your user life can kill your imagination even before starting your project, the metaverse is not just about having an “avatar effect”. love “. The ecosystem is bigger than that, so be prepared.

Community is Key to the Metaverse and MetaCommerce Strategy

While e-commerce marketing ideas are still an integral part of your business, keep in mind that the current level of this strategy has focused on sales patterns by impact or by community management. Business today will be MetaCommerce tomorrow – both in terms of community development and management strategies. Then think about how you would make that change or how you could combine the two ideas.

The metaverse is based on the relationship between people and communities in the immersive environment, the group creates a digital community and the entire ecosystem around here. Community behavior is the basis for the development of any new development. We create and exist, and in an unchanging digital world. We are related, it was like that in the era of Web1, Web2 and it will be even stronger in Web3.

The result will always be more involved

Greater community support, by improving content and applications that represent the goals of users / users, the benefit of engagement. Thus, knowing your community directly impacts change and interest in your products and services. Do not expect to engage your audience through community management, except when you are in the metaverse. Strengthen the concept today, in the Web2.0 era, prepare your foundation for easy transition to the next Internet age. Start by asking yourself: why do I not have a digital business product?

Always ready to edit, but understand why

Listening more than just talking is always a good start – starting with why, as Simon Sinek put it, why go in and explore the metaverse world. Simple business strategies are always necessary, having a clear view of “pain” is key in creating a consistent profit. Do not be metaverse because it is in fashion, do it because it will help you add something positive to your customer or your community life. Otherwise, it will only be technology or small games to keep up with the times.

Have you checked if your community is there or wants to get involved, are you sure about this audience? What meaningful proposition would you create? Which store is the best platform for your community and audience? Are you prepared with the professionals who can support you on this journey? Now that you have started this idea, how do you listen to your users and build understanding? What are your sales channels through this channel? These and other questions are important to improve your strategy in this new space.

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