What makes the week: regular income with 1% per month without income and the most necessary assets to invest in May

Just two years ago as a journalist, I learned one or two things about how companies like to use empty information to cover the facts.

The word “competition”, for example, is often misleading to say that, in fact, things are not beautiful.

One incident was that of Natura, who used the word no less than six times in a report that accompanied the collapse of the first quarterly release on Thursday.

Here at Seu Dinheiro, we hate this kind of bullshit trade. And investors also don’t seem to believe it anymore when executives and executives try out drugs.

Markets had another week of declines with the view that interest rates would still have to rise sharply overseas to keep pace with inflation – as much as the central bank reported. the discrepancy.

Here in Brazil, Ibovespa also followed the recession and practiced recovering all gains in the first months of the year.

If the situation is difficult (or “difficult”) for the stock market, stable earnings become more attractive after the Brazilian Central Bank raised interest rates (Selic) to 12.75% a. years.

To help you decide on the right investment, no word mining, we bring you two highlights this week. Julia Wiltgen shows you how to earn 1% a month on low-cost investments – and even pay income tax.

But if you understand that the fall in the commodity market has opened the time to buy, Larissa Vitória presents the hottest commodities in the field of brokerages for May.

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