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Now hold: we already have a day for a fashion week in the metaverse. The Decentraland platform announced the first Metaverse Fashion Week on March 24, with four days of performances, theaters, stores, lectures and virtual events.

Among the participating names, there are rumors that Hugo Boss, Burberry and Balenciaga have been recognized and, according to the organization, there are more luxury, media and digital developers involved in the project.

Decentraland is a virtual reality platform developed by the Ethereum blockchain. He has invested heavily in fashion and is one of the most well-known investors in the metaverse, with many investors buying real estate, because consumers can buy and sell digital real estate, while researching. Find, interact and play in this virtual world.

The idea of ​​Metaverse Fashion Week is to become a virtual space for World Fashion Week and also a brand Test drive for business owners to test the technology output of the virtual world platform. Avatar will parade items that can be bought and worn in the virtual world – we can expect some of the names to recreate some of the physical world.

How to participate

The week runs from March 24th to the 27th and you access it through the Decentraland website – there you have all the information, as well as a guide for how beginners are affected. with the platform. Here you will find information on what happened and the FAQ (content in English).

To stop Decentraland, you need a PC or Mac computer with Chrome, Firefox or Brave installed. And to be successful, you need a digital wallet, which works like your own account.

b-side of the metaverse

The arrival of the metaverse was expected to spread the disease everywhere, which led to physical differences, from performance to performance. In the last two years, many things have changed. Fashion has opened up entirely to digital, which, in a way, frees fashion week. When in the physical world we should be invited to the conference, in the digital world, everyone will look the same.

Not so in the metaverse. This week, for example, most events are open to the public, but do you think there are already questions about VIP entry and front seats? That is, the problems and behaviors of the physical world have already been repeated in the metaverse. We were just starting to talk about entering the fashion world, then the world appeared to be super new, but would work like the super old world.

How much does Burberry pay to participate? Can a small name afford to be a part of it? Who is the person behind the organization, who invites the names, selects the “casting”, chooses who enters, who participates and what experiences does that person have access to?

The other point is: what equipment do you need to access? There are also virtual and augmented reality devices that cost several thousand dollars

Is the metaverse, for all its modernity and technological sophistication, just a repeat of the bad behavior of the real world?

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