What is Web 3.0 and what are the advantages of Brave browser?

LUB Internet has undergone many changes and changes in our daily lives: ordering food, communicating with people all over the world and using different concepts are just a few examples. But believe me: the internet as we know it today is already outdated.

A new article on the internet has been written: it’s about Web 3.0technology that has everything to do with metaverse and with crypto assets.

Listed as one of the key themes for 2022 and the years ahead, Web3 is already the subject of much discussion. Recently, one of the most innovative events in the world, the SXSW, devoted more to the panel for meaning, supporting its authenticity.

With the announcement of the name change from Facebook to Meta, signaling the forerunner of this new digital world, the term “web 3.0” is also seeing its search gain exponentially, according to the Google Trends platform.

Everything shows that this new time online will be one of the most talked about topics of the month and next year. To help you better understand the content, we have prepared the complete content, partnering with Ripio, the digital platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies, to explain what Web 3.0 is, its capabilities and its relationship with browser.

What is Web 3.0: The main features and differences of Web 2.0

If Web3 was the future of the Internet, the present is Web 2.0, the successor to Web 1.0, always there.

While Web 1.0 has been characterized by greater use of technology, with more static sites and smaller chat rooms, Web 2.0 has become responsible for the popularity of the entire internet. One of the special features of the current chapter on the internet is its enormous use mobile devices access the website.

The development of Web 2.0 is driven by social media, from MySpace and Orkut, to current Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Youtube and more. This has made some companies specialize in becoming “internet owners”, such as the power they use over the digital world.

we are talking about big techs Such as Google, Facebook (now Meta), Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Twitter, which are the most profitable companies in the world.

The idea of ​​Web 3.0 was in fact to take the writing out of the hands of these few companies and create one decentralized environmentthat users themselves “buy” themselves online.

One way to support this distribution is in this way “new internet” data collection. While Web 2.0 has data stored in a stable location – as in the large data companies of technology companies – Web 3.0 shows that data is stored in multiple locations simultaneously.

That means bigger Users are independent and control the use of their information. Later, we will explain how Brave Browser has adapted to this difference.

In line with the concept of decentralization, another principle of Web 3.0 is for open code. Transfers of websites and applications are created and maintained by a small group, the new age of the internet encourages greater engagement and experimentation of users, allowing them to become members with.

In the new web site, people will be able to interact on the internet without having to go through an intervention, just like now, in online interaction. , one way, treated by a large technology company. For example: to communicate with someone, you must use WhatsApp or Instagram, both Meta platforms.

With the help of blockchain, websites, social and content platform will no longer need to be “agent” for the major servers of companies such as Google and Amazon, able to operate on integration.

Finally, other technologies related to Web 3.0 are knowledge it is machine learning. Through algorithms, computers can understand data and information in a wide variety of human ways and can learn as humans learn.

With this, the technology will be able to better understand the needs of users and even think about problems, brainstorm faster and make people’s lives easier. Similarly, with this new technology, content and advertising will be delivered in a way that is better for everyone.

What does Web 3.0 have to do with cryptocurrencies?

Now that you understand the basics of Web3, you will be amazed at how it affects cryptocurrencies.

To begin with, these two concepts have one thing in common: a blockchain technology, which acts as a validator for all the tasks that occur in the crypto ecosystem. This technology is what allows the existence of dAppsdecentralized Web 3.0 application, and the cryptoassets themselves.

Since in Web 3.0 there are no major host companies (like the technology giant of Web 2.0), the archives of blockchains, which are blockchains. decentralized.

In the same context, the right tokens, which gives them holders of power in blockchain decision making. Need an example of a brand token? In Decentraland games, the managed token is the MANA cryptocurrency. The Uniswap protocol has UNI as its symbol.

By managing tokens, users move from being just users to being participants with the website.

This type of crypto tool can also be used for trading on exchangessuch as Ripio, and is a way to have a wide range of applications in the crypto world.

What is Brave Browser?

If all this seems too far away, know that Web 3.0 is closer than you think: one of its precursors is Brave browserA competitor of Google Chrome whose distinction is allowing users more control over the use of their data.

Brave Browser has one well-designed ad and pop-up blocker, which totally nullifies online advertising. In addition, it also provides personal information to let you know the number of ads and followers blocked during the search.

Chrome, though providing a pop-up blocker, restricts it only to ads considered infringing.

But it is not just that.

Brave Browser has one gift program that provides tokens users who accept view the ads. Brave Rewards is another browser startup that deals with Web3 and the crypto world. See why below.

What is the relationship of BAT token with Brave browser?

Brave Rewards is optional for users, that is, you can use browser blocking ads without having to join the program.

Users who decide to participate will receive a confidential notification. They can then decide whether to advertise or not. If they decide to go it cheap and risk the low bandwidth you are only fooling yourself BAT tokens (Basic Attention Token)which is always in the browser ecosystem.

These tokens can be used to promote websites and people who have access to or purchase digital content, for example. In this way, Brave Browser provides the best of all our involvement:

  • From companywhich can display your advertisements in the browser.
  • For that content and the creator of the websitethat can earn their audience by selling advertising space;
  • For that userswhich keeps your personal information secure and avoids the most abusive online advertising practices of Web 2.0 companies.

This practice eliminates the middle ground of advertising, as companies can go directly to the announcement and influencers, do not need organizations or other affiliates. In addition, only users who choose to view the ads that they have used, the return on investment of advertising more attractive.

What are the advantages of Brave Browser?

  • LUB users can earn their attention get BAT tokens for viewing announcements, not being sued with ads all the time, just like a Web 2.0 site;
  • User personal information is cryptographically secure and the system only accesses the information you are authorized to access;
  • You the announcement and content creators can Make money with your site online in an easy and practical way, sell advertising directly to companies, without intermediaries;

Have the courage to go further and have it personal digital walletfrom users can buy, send, manage and trade with any cryptocurrency or NFT, including BAT tokens.

How to put yourself in the ‘future of the internet’?

Before investing in a project, whether in the crypto or external world, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the topics and research. Web 3.0 has promised, but it is still in its infancy and has a long way to go to become a reality.

One of the ways to position itself in the “new chapter of the Internet” is through cryptoassets, since they are directly related to the concept of the new Web3.

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