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Internet Technology Web3.0
As Web3 approaches, consumers and products will be affected by the Internet can be obtained (Image: Freepik / rawpixel.com)

web 3, NFTs, blockchain, metaverse. If these words are not yet part of your daily life, it is good to run: they will be the standard online.

finally SXSW – South by Southwest – models for this new era have been in the process of multi-panel, referring to the distribution through this model network.

The rapid digital transformation, even faster by transmission, has brought about change patterns and behaviors, pointing the way to the future.

However, if today we are the surfers of the “wave of the web”, a new era has arrived – and it will arrive in full force in the future, which we to be the captain of our ship, to have control over us. information and directions from where we want to navigate.

In this new site, we have our own again, now stored in a virtual wallet. Changing the space of separation and under the control of large-scale technology, our data is on the blockchain network, in our presence – and not on another platform, which is already the base of assets such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

web 3
“Even if the model is new, something does not change on Web3: the user will remain at the center of everything”, says Ribas (Image: Share)

This freedom of users, now a member of the Internet distribution, also likes the impact on the metaverse, where we will be able to figure out our behavior and the The strength of what we are and where we are going.

A model that meets the expectations of consumers, who today increasingly seek control of their data, is today under the protection of big technology such as Google , Facebook, Twitter and Apple. A reliance that makes us so influential for these companies, that its integrity is questioned after groundbreaking such as Cambridge Analytica, or the power of algorithms, can guide our behavior and like.

Impact on products and consumers

Recognizing these changes is important, too, for the brand. Hyperconnection has led to new stages of demand, such as the need to adapt their ideas and markets to the world on a large platform.

There is no single way to determine which companies need or can be involved, based on the results of a period. Web3 presence and metaverse will be key, as well as the ability to meet the needs of the members of this new site, who will be able to trade products and services. service from their blockchain wallet.

Even if the model is new, something does not change in Web3: the person will be in the middle of everything. And if the hom It is necessary to be aware of this, in the future make this move very important for survival in the market.

It is necessary to understand and deliver value to people, responding to their current and future expectations, linked to their business goals. More so, understanding customer conversations and being able to deliver relevant interviews will be key.

In short, consumers want to manage their data, but do not provide an identity. With Web3, this framework will lead the future of communication, social and business itself. If your target is not yet aware of these moves, it is time to take a look.

Web3 means change, but also a new beginning for the internet according to the goals that created it: with the people of the place – and with the power to choose where to go.

Roberto Ribas is the Chief Strategy Officer and Board Member of Brivia. With 22 years of experience, on the way, he has developed the experience of BXM (Brand Experience Management) and has always been in the leadership of various teams, in the design and development of ideas. develop business and digital exchange plans for the big names. He works to strengthen the position, is the founder and former president of the Brazilian Association of Digital Agencies (ABRADi / RS). He graduated from UFRGS and has a specialization in Business from ESPM.

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