What is a Metaverse? Understand the new wave online – 10/04/2021

By Vivaldo José Breternitz

Time metaverseThat has happened many times when talking about information technology, used to describe a kind of virtual world, which is trying to recreate reality with the use of digital devices, virtual reality, augmented reality and other uses of technology.

Player # 1, a sci-fi movie 2018, gives a face to what will be metaverse. The film’s hero, Orphan, escapes his darkness in the real world by jumping into a virtual world called OASIS, a digital utopia that allows users live as they want, no restrictions.

Many CEOs of large technology companies, inspired by recent research, say that soon, we can all live in the world of virtual reality, each other. Interact, live adventure and use without limits, like the characters in the movie. The replacement of OASIS, however, they call the world metaverse.

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LUB metaverse It differs from today’s reality, where clunky devices and software are restricted to isolation and have a low risk of interfering with each other. The technology of the future will be a large cyberspace community, powered by reality and virtual reality, allowing our avatars to easily jump from one task to another. .

help the metaverse It is a large-scale operation, one that requires the design and collaboration of technology companies, which do not seem to be collaborating with one another. However, many local leaders say we are moving toward that.

“Facebook will be a company metaverse“, said Mark Zuckerberg in July. The company’s goal is to attract millions of people with affordable hardware and attractive software. Obviously, the biggest goal is to make money. more, because, as an entrepreneur, the user base of this size will increase his business.So the social network has invested thousands of dollars in the area no.

Facebook is not just a game of gambling metaverse. In May, Microsoft said it was developing software tools to help other companies develop technology applications. Many gaming companies, including Fortnite owner Epic Games, have released simulation software with the same goal.

However, the metaverse There was no time and no good appointment for him to arrive. Augmented reality and virtual reality have yet to conquer the masses and remain, although Zuckerberg said in 2017 that soon one million people will be able to use Oculus, a virtual tool for virtualization. play video. In fact, this number is far from reaching.

This is another situation that we may face with great change or failure. It is worth noting the data of Second Life, created by Linden Lab in 2003. The purpose of Second Life is to create a balance of facts, which users can play, chat, work, buy and sell, among other activities.

There was a lot of interest at first, along with heavy media coverage, but that interest has faded and, at least in Brazil, many companies have lost the good money they used to create their publications. virtual.

* Vivaldo José Breternitz, PhD in Research from the University of São Paulo, is Professor of Science and Research at the Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie.

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