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  • In addition to selling NFTs, the game allows players to earn new characters as they advance or complete successful levels.
  • There are three main models of NFT games that people can earn money on: metaverse, play-to-earn (P2E), and in-game.

Do you know what NFT games are? Keep you in the loop, the E-Investor Talk to NFT expert Pedro Almeida.

Before we get into the world, however, it is important to understand what NFT is.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital devices that represent real-life objects such as art, music, video, and online toys. One game is considered NFT dmust have gamers cryptocurrencies which can be exchanged for real moneyAccording to Almeida.

To turn the game coin into cash, the user wallet must be connected to an exchange, which converts NFTs into cash such as cash and reais.

What are NFT games?

NFTs games have exploded in 2021 in both numbers and profits. these names is developed through a play-for-income mechanism (play to win, in free translation) and allow users earn money based on passion for game levels.

NFTs are non-fungible tokens that represent real-world objects and are traded online. (Source: Shutterstock / Reproduction)

Games allow you to get new tokens when players upgrade or complete levels. Products purchased in NFT games can be sold in the second store, on the blockchain.

According to Almeida, There are three main models of NFT games where people can earn money. See all of them below.

1. Metaverse

in the metaverse, interactions of game characters occur like in the real worldas explained by the expert: “It is communication through the use of special glasses for sports, which makes everything fun and realistic”.

A good example of this change is RPGs, in which players interact with non-game characters (NPCs), which are non-game characters. “Players collect NFTs throughout the game and are free to explore the ‘virtual world’ in whatever way they want, with the ability to do so. wager tokens to receive prizes“, explains Almeida.

2. Play to Earn (P2E)

In-game earning (P2E), Players are rewarded for their winnings and time spent playing. Items received such as tokens and cards are rare and can be sold or exchanged for real money, “any dollar or other currency held by the manufacturer”, according to the expert.

Almeida exemplifies the P2E model for the game Test Survivorin which the player aims to eliminate the attackers and become the last survivor, including characters with special abilities and weapons.

In this mode, gamers can also buy and sell NFT products.

3. In-game or writing

In-game players or collections, according to experts, earn items while they play and they can sell them to interested people for a price that depends on their value. For Almeida, “An example of a sport is MetaGearin which players exchange items, stations and accessories. “Still based on it, those who design and build robots to battle and reach the rankings even rent NFTs from other players to help with the journey.

How do I know what NFT game I should invest in?

Almeida says it’s important for sports research “before entering a game and leaving to invest“According to experts, everyone interested in NFT sports should know that this type of business” comes and goes, grows and disappears “and that any application or website can removed, cause damage to gamers.

“There are many investments all at once, in famous throughoutthink they can earn twice as much “, he exemplifies. There are also those fall into deception Who says if you play a game, you will win triple your bet in three days.

The NFT market is constantly evolving and expanding, according to Almeida. “Everything can become NFT if it is tokenized and stored in a digital wallet.” Expert advice for anyone who wants to start investing in NFT games is familiar Where to start, what the game starts with and how much to invest.

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