What are the 10 positions of the future with the advent of the metaverse?

Considered one of the arms of Web 3.0, the metaverse is the platform in all evolution and, therefore, it should be fertile ground for the emergence of new technologies. future projectsreduce the distance between the physical and the virtual world, according to experts.

The metaverse was seen more after Meta, the owner of Facebook, changed its name to follow a different business. This digital world moves a lot of money with the sale of virtual land, marketing and even hosting concerts by stars around the world.

Metaverse is the word used for the name a shared, interactive and hyper-realistic virtual space which allows a very immersive coexistence and experience of the users through 3D custom avatars.

The metaverse is built on the blockchain, a highly secure, integrated, public and decentralized network. The world has cryptocurrencies as payment, that is, digital assets used in the virtual market.

Why jobs change with the metaverse?

With the changing internet that we know, the attitudes of the changing population and the technology that comes to support the functioning of our daily lives, also force us to improve ourselves. To do this, the market needs to be prepared to meet these new needs.

For Claudenir Andrade, director of the software building at the Brazilian Association of Technology for Business and Services (AFRAC) and chief technology officer of the Elgin / Bematech Group, the only shift is to technology. old urine.

“I do not think there is a new job in the metaverse, there is a change of jobs for the metaverse,” he said.

This is the case with Ice Poker, a metaverse poker game in Decentraland that allows users to transport themselves to a virtual casino. The game pays, in cash, who works as the croupier or croupier, and is responsible for distributing the bets and paying.

“IcePoker hires people in the physical world. Instead of having a robot to pick me up or a genius, they are people with their avatars, hostess, the casino croupiers, who earns a salary of around US $ 500 a month, working four hours a day, ”Brazão said.

The head of AFRAC pointed out that financial companies need to restructure themselves to avoid going too far. “Companies of securities, finance, banks and corporations, credit card companies need to restructure themselves in transition. They will have to create new jobs to exchange. cryptocurrencies into reais or local currencies immediately. “

What are the tasks of the future with the metaverse?


Developers need to create integrations in the metaverse and the programmer is still a non-professional expert. They will work with 5G technology and monitor the platform process. They need to be XR (augmented reality) experts who use our technology to influence such realities as virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality, creating a better experience for users.

graphic designers

Designers need to bring their skills from the physical world to the virtual world and designers need to model for metaverse modeling.


Specialists in virtual world research who will create digital knowledge so that they are accessible to the public. It will rely on behavioral approaches to build relationships in the metaverse, and will require a new environmental research to develop unique solutions for the world. new here. For this job, a professional does not need to be a programmer, but knowledge in technology is a must. This role can be accomplished by a designer, an expert in behavioral science, a architect, or a historian.

ecosystem developers

Experts will be responsible for building the communities and improving the ecosystems around them. He / she should be an expert in combining products and solutions. You can work in the area of ​​Human Resources, management, business or industry, as you need to connect people and create a positive environment for communities.


Decentraland (platform based 3D navigation) offers a school that needs teachers who can teach in the virtual world, an expert in past experience and teaching, who can be experts knowledgeable, neuroscientists and behavioral specialists.


They are metaverse fun screenwriters. They must be able to create descriptions that move people. The narrator needs to build experience in a virtual environment to make the titles appealing.

Security or police metaverse

Professionals are required to prevent any breach or omission of avatars (which are virtual representations of participants) and to establish rules of action from the platform. However, the establishment of this security manager can lead to conflicts, because the metaverse is a unified and unaffected by third parties. As there has already been an issue of sexual harassment in the digital world, platforms have decided on how to secure and set standards.

Expert in one world (more facts)

Part of the 3D model that will bring the virtual world to the real world through objects, such as the projection of the virtual mirror, the size and real-time holography projectors for meetings, compare limited. It would not be necessary to use a computer to link to this fact. Customers will be able to interact with purchases and other transactions without having to use existing equipment.

Ad Block Expert

Advertising must be restricted in a virtual environment. This type of proficiency requires knowledge of coding.

Metaverse digital influencer

At least four Brazilian artists, among them singer Anitta and broadcaster Sabrina Sato, have already been in the transition and benefited as digital actors on the digital platform.

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