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Interest in developing NFTs has grown more and more, following an increase in the reputation of digital technology. Non-fungible tokens are a type of authentication, developed by blockchain, that proves the uniqueness of some digital assets. They have achieved most in the area of ​​digital art: graphics, video and music have been converted to NFT and put up for sale on a large scale.

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After seeing millions of celebrities advertise to buy NFTs, users became more and more aware of how machines work and the process of creating tokens, also known as “cheating”. This is because, in the same way that it can “I” cryptocurrencies, there are also platforms and procedures for providing NFTs, that is, converting data into digital assets. Next, the TechTudo lists five platforms for creating tokens online.

Listed together five sources to create NFTs – Image: Image Alliance / Getty Images

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Binance Smart Chain ( is a well-known brand in the buying and selling cryptocurrency business, moving millions of dollars every day. Recently, the platform has been expanded to provide users with the ability to create NFTs. In addition to Binance’s original blockchain, the company also has a Smart Chain, where users can create and exchange their own tokens.

Binance has its own blockchain to develop NFTs – Photo: Publisher / Guilherme Ramos

It is worth mentioning, however, that the installation of NFTs is not free. There is a price tag of 0.005 Binance Coin (BNB), which is the platform’s cryptocurrency, for every “mined” NFT, equivalent to approximately BRL 10.32 at current prices. In addition, if the token is sold, a service fee of 2.5% will be charged on the exchange rate. To use Binance Smart Chain, the user will need a crypto wallet such as Metamask or Trustwallet.

The OpenSea platform ( operates across a wide range of token markets, including purchasing, selling and developing its own NFTs. Thanks to the popularity it has developed over the last year, OpenSea is an interesting alternative to “water” and exchange NFTs. However, it should be noted that this is also not a free space at all.

As much as it costs no to develop NFTs, OpenSea charges 2.5% of the value of the token sale. In addition, the platform also charges a fee called “gas fee”, which is a type of monitoring fee that keeps the site up and running.

OpenSea Home offers a large list of NFTs – Photo: Publisher / Guilherme Ramos

It is worth noting that OpenSea also offers the option of “lazy minting”. In these models, the user only owns the token when someone else decides to buy it. Thus, it is possible to create NFTs for free, since the data will start outside the blockchain.

Rarible ( is a platform for creating free NFTs similar to OpenSea. Although it does not have as large a market as its competitors, the site offers a unique combination of interest in using technology to make their own tokens. At Rarible, this process is caused by “lazy minting”, which allows you to “cheat” NFTs at no cost.

Rarible specially designed NFTs and complete collection of products by aspiration – Photo: Print / Guilherme Ramos

Another advantage of “lazy minting” is that the user does not have to worry about the “bureaucratic” part associated with having a token, such as contract and fees such as “price” roj “. These are only discounted at the time of purchase, when someone decides to buy NFT. The cost should be lower, but that way the developer will not have to spend money for the previous steps.

Enjin ( is a platform that uses the JumpNet blockchain, a type of Ethereum privacy. In addition, the device has its own token, ENJ. Thus, users who want to create NFTs using Enjin will start to need a small portion of ENJ in a digital wallet. Each unit of currency is valued at approximately R $ 9.11 at current exchange rates.

Enjin has its own currency for the NFTs industry – Photo: Publisher / Guilherme Ramos

It can also replace the ENJ equivalent of JumpNet and Ethereum, if convenient, when buying or selling NFTs. The platform focuses on tokens that engage in gaming and stay away from it through digital art. It is worth noting that Enjin does not pay “gas prices”.

The Foundation platform ( works, essentially, with digital imagery. The web design NFTs use Ethereum and have the advantage of creating virtual tours instead of selling tokens for a fee. In order to purchase a good one, the user only needs to register on the site. Enjoy selling tokens, in turn, should be previously accepted by the community.

The basis for the sale of NFT graphics – Video: Reproduction / Guilherme Ramos

To create your own NFTs or obtain the rights to the logo from the Company, the user must have a Metamask wallet. In addition, the “fuel cost” is paid. On the platform, it can upload photos, videos and audio files. One of the disadvantages of the Company is that it has to pay a 15% fee, which is higher than the 2.5% payout from other platforms.

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