Web 3.0, DeFi, Metaverse and NFTs – What 2022 Holds for the Crypto Market? – Money Schedule

Web 3.0, DeFi, Metaverse and NFTs – What 2022 Holds for the Crypto Market?  – Money Schedule
Mercurius research explores the potential for large-scale moves in the market for smart contracts, such as Ethereum. (Image: Unsplash / Executium)

The year 2021 can be considered as one of the most important and significant for the investors in this market, according to one of the founders of Mercurius Crypto Analysis House, Orlando Telles, when Money Time.

The analyst noted that the growth and development of these sectors and assets, including the emergence of new ones, point to the event more than 2022.

According to research conducted by a research firm, it is important to observe the significant growth of smart contracts – which led to big business by Bitcoin, says the paper. read.

In this way, the importance of integrating Ethereum is significant, in addition to improving ecosystems such as Solana, Polkadot and Avalanche.

According to Telles, the increase of NFT market (non-fungible tokens) and blockchain games have been reported as one of the biggest changes in the cryptocurrency market: “play to earn ”in which the user earns money for the game.

Analyst highlights the metaverse growthsuch as Axie Infinity and Sandbox.

Also review Orlando’s full review of the metaverse and blockchain gaming industry:

How will 2022 guide us?

In the opinion of Mercurius analysts, of what needs to be on the radar of the crypto community is the best regulation for the market, especially for decentralized Finance (DeFi).

He said US and European policy were clear caveat about the market stability (dollar-reversal cryptocurrencies), spreading more signs of crypto governance in the coming years.

He added that, in the short term, this situation could have a negative impact on the market providing uncertain management.

However, for the long term, it’s very positive for processes that were already ahead of the rules and preferring to change faster, he said.

An example from a professional is the Hahawhich will be announcing Aave Arc next year, KYC / AML products designed to work for audiences, and uniswapwhich seeks to establish partnerships with major middlemen, such as Paypal.

“Such a move could lead to huge growth for the DeFi industry in the next half year.”

In addition, changes in international monetary policy could also affect the cryptocurrency market in a negative way, especially Bitcoinhe says.

According to Telles, this is a move that is expected to occur in the next three months, due to the sell-off in the spread and significant inflation in many countries.

Telles explains that this situation can lead to disruptions in business associations which, due to lower interest rates, begin to diversify and increase the ability to recover from their data. text.

“These investors can see in this move there is a greater risk in their position in the market,” he said.

Smart industry promise – scalability and upgrades

Mercurius research also shows that in terms of protocol modifications, more attention should be paid to mobility, especially in smart bond platformssuch as Ethereum.

One of the most anticipated changes is expected in the first half of 2022 as well Compliance with “Proof of Stake”in an event called “The Merge”.

This change would have a major impact on the property’s financial policy and should have a positive impact on its value, according to the House Inspectorate.

In addition, the industry focus on blockchain scalability processes can be informed, due to the rapid development of smart contracts, says Mercurius.

Therefore, assets such as Polygon (MATIC), the second layer in the ETH network, require significant changes.

In smart contracts, the integration of some of the first layer solutions (layer 1) was observed, with the expansion of several ecosystems, such as Solana, and Polkadot, which should be seen. development of the first operating parachains in its network.

Crypto is far beyond Bitcoin

In Mercurius’ analysis, it was pointed out that one of the features that 2021 will help to unite is that crypto-assets are not just Bitcoin, and that it is an integrated device. with many applications, from games to construction in finance. sector.

The result of this knowledge, according to Telles, is the influx of capital from venture capital has never been seen, making 2021 considered the largest investment cycle in the cryptocurrency industry in history.

The large volume of this investment is likely to affect in the long run, especially in the last quarter of 2022 and early 2023.

“I believe that next year will see new developments in the cryptocurrency market, such as Web 3.0, data storage, creating a more independent business with multiple users, and real estate investment possible. designed for DeFi and blockchain games. “

In analysts, all of these moves will be key to a larger cycle in the coming years, which could lead to these activities. the theme.

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