Web 3.0, DeFi 2.0, Metaverse and NFTs: 4 Crypto Points to Keep an Eye on 2022 – Thoughts


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Here are what I think are the big crypto points that should not be running on our radar in 2022:

1- Metaverse

Metaverse became very popular as soon as Facebook decided to change its name to Meta.

In a recent article, I discussed what the meaning of the metaverse is and why I believe its potential growth in the coming years is huge.

Everything is still too early and it is hard to schedule it. Questions such as whether it would be an important Metaverse, a few interactions, or what would pull people to it, among others, are to be answered in the next few years.

From the height of my current research and experience, I find it difficult to have a metaverse, on the other hand, we have to have a metaverse with the most involved.

Another theme that I can not see today is the improvement of the metaverse without some activity interfering with it. It does not have to be a game (in the context of the game we have today) but in the way it works, I do not see how to like and manage the virtual community. without some games, gift models, etc. .


If 2021 NFTs conquer the world with startups such as NBA top shots, drillas gorillas, tokenization of assets, etc., in 2022 there is no reason to stop.

NFTs, as I have said several times, are creating scarcity in the world of wealth, creating business models that would not be possible without them. And speaking of the unthinkable, Vitalik Buterin himself, the founder of the Ethereum network, announced on his twitter that NFTs are one of the products of the Ethereum network that he has never seen before.

Another point that confirms this view is the financial environment (Series C) of the Open Sea, the largest nfts trading platform, which took place on 04-Jan-22 and which released it with the market value of USD 13 billion. It was created in 2017.

3- WEB 3.0

Years of Metaverse and NFT can not be without impact from supporting them. But Web 3.0 has more than that, it’s a way for us to connect in a virtual, self-regulated environment, on DAOs, where we can have ownership of our assets. digital.

The development of WEB 3.0 depends on the network infrastructure being developed and which includes the Ethereum network as its core.

If something’s reported in 2021, it is an open source site, if the network starts to malfunction, soon someone else will appear to cover it where it can no longer be located. We have countless networks established or supported in 2021.

Community management and the number of developers interested in these networks are critical to their future success and in this understanding the Ethereum network remains important and I believe that this is an important consideration.

4- DeFi 2.0

DeFi is one of my favorite topics and I spend a lot of time learning and experimenting with. This year 2021 this has become more difficult due to the many integration of blockchain design and making DeFi application in them, but I see little news about the different products of those have in the financial industry always have.

Up to now, the major competition of DeFi has been the re-creation of the products of the traditional financial industry (lending levels, investments, derivatives, commodities, etc.). What I have seen happen and start gaining traction now is the start-up of products that can only be successful in DeFi and not in the traditional financial industry. Plans involving Money streaming (streaming money in direct definition) are a good example of this.

In addition, the way Olympus Dao manages its own finances, where it practices “releasing” returns, begins to make me feel that the level of trading the financial industry has always been after and start the DeFi exponentialization phase.

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