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Chubbies stand at Boson Protocol School

In 2021, Mark Zuckerberg stunned the world by announcing that Facebook was changing its name to Meta, beginning the process of creating a digital immersive world that would become the first way in which people making their future.

According to Zuckerberg himself, the Metaverse is the “next front in the relationship” and it does not seem to be the only reliable one. After all, every day there are significant new investments by brands and organizations in the development of technology and export products, among other services focused on Metaverses that happen.

Here are some of the numbers that will not be missed:

• US $ 46 billion is the value of metaverses measured in 2020;
• Meta (Facebook) has already invested around US $ 10 billion in its own Metaverse;
• More than 10,000 jobs are to be created in the next five years;
• $ 800 billion (Bloomberg) to $ 1 trillion in annual revenue (Grayscale) is
prediction of the reach of large markets of Metaverses;
NFTs (Non-fungible Tokens) currently have an estimated net worth of $ 41 billion.

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Among the brands that have taken the lead in the industry, fashion industry stands out, with the likes of Dolce & Gabbana, Adidas, Nike, Balenciaga, Ralph Lauren and Gucci.

In many places where Metaverses are affected, we can mention the Influencer Market, which by 2022 is expected to move from US $ 15 billion worldwide, with an estimated US $ 84 billion. by 2028. And according to a recent study in the United States, 60% of digital influencers have already created content for Metaverses and 70% believe that Metaverses will change relationships as usual.

These new concepts open up challenges and opportunities for drawing and understanding complex interactions that are based on their virtual location on Metaverses and do not require social interaction. more news and reviews linked to them.

It is through this unique opportunity to become the first company to capture, measure and identify complex processes in Metaverses that Tree Intelligence, through its state-of-the-art LivingInfuencers technology, has developed the Biggest event: Metaverse Fashion Week’s MVTW event taking place in Decentraland from 24th to 27th March.

The following is a brief description of the experience:

One of the main organizations of the event, the Boson Protocol, created a unique space where different species could launch their booths and provide their own NFTs. Interviews with stakeholders from the digital fashion and fashion industry are often reported on campaigns in the Middle plaza, with Tommy Hilfiger interviews receiving the most visitors. . Bleachers placed in the middle of the street allow visitors to “shop” after these sessions.

The big news is the ability to buy physical products from various brands by accessing the tokenized version of the product from the sales content. In addition to having sales of the body from its organization as well as production needs, such as Dead Fellaz, Dressx, WLDFNGZ, The Rebels NFT.

The latter has given users the ability to purchase items for their avatar and the same device in real life. This capability of selling physical and digital devices is part of a broader model called phygital or Online for Offline (integration of physical and virtual worlds), and is sufficient most attractive to the audience. In fact, 46% of the transactions made by avatars in these booths are related to the content of the sale of counterfeit products, while the interest in digital products is strictly limited. 10%.

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MVFW is an opportunity for brands to develop new ways to engage with their audience and experiment with new user experiences such as:

• Advocacy: The cosmetics industry, such as Estée Lauder and Mugler, has found an omnichannel opportunity to express themselves in expansiveness by promoting performances at the Fashion District’s headquarters. district.

• Art galleries: It is also possible to enjoy paintings by Privé Porter and D&G, among others, and monuments such as the Estée Lauder perfume tower.

• Meta party: with well-known DJs like ICYKOF and Bob Sinclar, and singers like Nicky Nicole.

• Live Chat: Broadcast interviews and events hosted by designers like Philipp Plein.

In terms of decentralization, the interesting thing is that the wider DCL community creates events in their own way and creates other events to accommodate other species. Situations that, in some cases, are more popular than those that are creative and where ownership is evident.

Web 3.0 in general and Metaverses in particular are already affecting many areas and industries such as industry influencer, consumer experience and omnichannel. The pioneering adaptation of ideas for writing, producing and analyzing new interactions that occur in the (meta) world, by intelligence companies such as Tree Intelligence and its LivingInfluenciers technology, as an example of this transition. the fact where the phigital is the ball of time.

Vitor Magnani is president of the Brazilian Association Online for Offline (ABO2O) and of the Council of Digital Economy and Innovation of Fecomercio / SP. FIA professor and expert in Institutional Relations for Innovative Ecosystems

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