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São Paulo Brazil

On December 21, 2021, the São Paulo board received the 2022 plan for the club.

Of the several documents, the most important.

The board sees the arrival of the club to the end of the second round.

Paulista and Copa Sul-Americana, as the club did not reach 2022 Libertadores.

He arrived in the States and still does a good job in the Conmebol tournament.

In this year estimates there should be space for 2023 Libertadores.

But also what comes to consultants is the forecast of sales of athletes.

To reduce the debt of R $ 700 million, which held the club down, the need was R $ 142 million in sales.

This year, it sold athlete Jean to Cerro Porteño for US $ 1.1 million, around R $ 5.6 million. And also Helinho, for Red Bull Bragantino, for R $ 24 million.

In addition to them, he parted ways with Pablo and Vitor Bueno and loaned Lucas Perri, an athlete, to Náutico; also loaned Orejuela, right-back, and Bruno Alves, defender, to Grêmio, and Liziero, athlete, to Internacional; remove Rodrigo Freitas, defender; placed Benítez on Grêmio; put Willian, midfielder, Shaylon, midfielder, and Rojas, forward.

Speaking of estimates, of the R $ 142 million estimate, São Paulo only managed to get R $ 29.6 million.

As a result, traders have warned that the club’s chairman, Julio Casares, has released a number of players for sale, looking for a mid-term transfer window.

There are four athletes that the board hopes to raise money for. Igor Gomes, 23-year-old midfielder, who recently changed manager. He left the TMF Office and went to work with Giuliano Bertolucci, with a strong entry into Europe. The order is the first to be extended with the player, who has a contract until June 2023, until the final decision, which is 50 million euros, up to R $ 268 lab.

Increase his salary to avoid running the risk of it, only 23 years, live until next year without further ado and leave “free”.

That is why selling the player is something Casares enjoys.

The other athlete in the market is Marquinhos. The strike, also presented at the base, has caused a great deal of interest among European organizations. Arsenal will be key.

There was a contract issue that caused São Paulo before he left. The 19-year-old striker has a five-year contract. He signed when he was 16, which is banned by FIFA. It must be signed for more than three years. That is, according to the venue, the contract can be asked when the athlete completes three seasons. So the leaders wanted to sell it as soon as possible.

Besides them, there is Diego Costa. The 22-year-old defender won the title of Miranda. And he did well in the team. Five days ago, your contract was extended until December 2024. To increase your contract fine. Traders are looking for a club for players.

Meanwhile, Tiago Volpi discusses his return to Mexico. The athlete, who arrived in 2019 to become the “solution” in São Paulo’s goal, has become an athlete with a negative attitude. And today it really occupies the reserve bank. He lost his job to Jandrei, who was replaced by Santos.

He was very famous in Mexico, being an athlete and director of Querétaro. Hence, the interest of Toluca, and by itself, goes back to the name. The exchange was excellent, and it had to be sold, with the approval of Rogério Ceni.

Volpi high salary, R $ 700 thousand.

On the other hand, names appear based on the ability to support. The first was an athlete that Ceni enjoyed for two seasons: Igor Rabello. The defender Atlético Mineiro has a contract until the end of the year. It is reserve. The guidance of São Paulo is expected to release the 27-year-old player. And it is in contact with the direction of the club in Belo Horizonte.

Athlete Lucas Perri, on loan at Náutico, could have extra time at Morumbi. Officials have admitted there is no interest in veteran Diego Alves, Flamengo’s third player, who will turn 37 in June. And get R $ 500 thousand every month …

In five competitions, six professionals have lost their jobs in Brasileirão


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