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Athlete Tiago Volpi has confirmed this Saturday the departure of São Paulo to play for Toluca, from Mexico. In a social media post, the player spoke highly of Tricolor.

Both organizations also confirmed the end of the conversation with Twitter comments.

São Paulo is expected to receive around R $ 7.5 million for the sale of the player, who has a contract until the end of 2023. The club has already moved to have a new store in army.

It is less than the club had invested in buying the rights, at the time around R $ 21 million. The board, however, estimates it could save up to R $ 25 million, considering the salaries that must be paid until the end of the contract.

Tiago Volpi leaves São Paulo and lives with Toluca – Photo: Marcos Ribolli

Volpi arrived at São Paulo in 2019, for the first time on loan, until he got his rights from Querétaro, from Mexico, for the next season. He was a starter for three seasons, but lost to Jandrei in 2022.

There are 195 games with the jersey tricolor, the athlete who has played since the retirement of Rogério Ceni. In São Paulo, he won São Paulo last year.

In his speech, Volpi wished to fulfill the dream of defending Tricolor and thank the fans

– I leave with the fact that I always do my best. There has not been a day in the three and a half years that I have not given my best. I have a lot of respect, a lot of professionalism and a lot of love for this organization – he wrote.

On the São Paulo website, President Julio Casares praised the athlete:

– Tiago Volpi is a sports model and expert. Remains in São Paulo history as São Paulo has certainly been a well-deserved gift.

Now, São Paulo is trying to renew Thiago Couto’s contract, rising to Jandrei position. He has a commitment until the end of June, but the board hopes to resolve the issue next week.

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The club will evaluate players on the job until July, when the transfer window will reopen and be able to find a new player in the market.

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