Volkswagen unveils NFT card printer; view models, functions, and pricing

Volkswagen announces its entry into the digital world of NFTs, heading for non-fungible token (non-fungible token, in Portuguese translation).

A token, in the cryptocurrency world, is a digital representation of an asset – such as money, property or a work of art – registered on the blockchain, the technology that was born. with Bitcoin in 2008.

In the case of Volkswagen, it is an advertisement on a platform called “Digital Garage” or digital garage that will allow consumers to collect. card of vehicles, parts and accessories related to the automaker’s automotive sector. Thus, the buyer buys one card and store them in your collection on the platform, like it’s a sticker in an album.

The platform is registered on a blockchain called Polygon. The German company announced this Monday (11) at a virtual news conference.

It is worth noting that NFT is a representation of special products, which can be digital – such as computer graphics, such as cards – or physical, such as art drawings. In addition to art, music, toys, special moments in sport and memes can be transformed into one.

The theme is getting bigger and more profitable and profitable: the metaverse (global digital development) market can reach a market value of between US $ 8 trillion and US $ 13 trillion by 2030, with up to five billion users, according to one from Citi.

Platforms like Youtube have already put themselves on the course. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said in a recent opening statement that the streaming video site was considering making NFTs a way to “help developers invest in new technology.”

Celebrities like Neymar and Justin Bieber have also abandoned the NFTs and invested millions of dollars in non-fungible commercial products.

Volkswagen has now become the first manufacturer in the world to offer NFTs in this industry. LUB InfoMoney put together important information about the new one.

What is Volkswagen’s ‘Digital Garage’?

Volkswagen digital station is a platform that will allow consumers to visit and buy card car collectibles company.

In practice, the user will be able to write multiple things card Looks like you have put together your own digital sticker album.

The card will be sold in packages of three or five card and, when making a purchase, the user has those card Interfere with your station.

In addition, each digital station user will be able to be visited by another user in the future, initiating the interaction of the fan types.

“Volkswagen is always looking for new technologies and new opportunities. With the collection of NFTs we want to save the character of the collection. Every car lover loves the rare. The idea is this : to have a platform of special bus models, special models, different models “, said Fabio Rabelo, Director of Digitalization and New Business Model of Volkswagen Latin America.

How does VW’s Digital Garage work?

To access the platform, a user must be registered with a Google or Facebook account. Once this is done, it can now be purchased. You card available today are finite and available randomly, from packages with three or five units.

The consumer only sees what is in each package when he opens and looks at the product.

Cards are divided into three categories, according to the rarity: “Hero” for the most advanced designs, “Premium” for the medium, and “Legend” for the least. Customers can choose the low level they want in the package.

According to usage, the “hero” model will account for up to 80% of the image, the “premium” model represents about 15% and the “legend” model will account for less than 5% of the package.

There are now two notebooks: “GT Series” (left) and “Characters and Letters” (right).

(Reproduction / VW)

GT has 23 card and has cars from the GTs line, including Gol, Golf, Virtus, Polo, etc .; pen and paper 45 card and features handwriting like pen and paper.

“It’s a new experience for fans of the mission to interact with the technology use of NFTs and all that it provides. In addition to the two collections, we are currently expanding around 60 pieces. digital bus that represents popular models and Volkswagen icons “, said Ciro Possobom, COO of VW Brasil and Vice President of Finance and IT at Volkswagen as Brasil and Region SAM.

Customers can sign up to receive new packages at card as soon as they come out – supplies are limited.

Currently, consumers who make purchases only save on the platform. It can be sold later (more below).

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How much are the bills?

Prices start at R $ 50 and go up to R $ 75.

The purchasing platform is now up and running. For example, GT Set only has 28 Legend cards available – out of a total of 100. On Monday alone, 72 were sold.

In addition, consumers can pay with Pix, credit cards or cryptocurrencies.

“At Digital Garage, it will be able to pay in many ways. As we see the growth of the platform, we can consider distributing Volkswagen pages related to Digital Garage in other ways. experience there “, Rabelo said.

In an hour on the online platform, the company sells 130 packets of stickers.

What do consumers want?

Add to the package card Existingly, the next step is to boost the competitiveness of specialized products in NFTs brand – still in the first half of the year, the store should start, where users will be able to nature buys and sells. card alone and enter the station of another collector.

People can change card back in the vicinity of this store.

“Another difference is the interaction between the physical and the virtual world. Consumers will be able to, for example, buy NFT and win tickets to the show we will be promoting. We are considering some benefits “, explains Rabelo.

Available worldwide

Rabelo said the project was designed to work in Latin America, with models from card specially designed for local residents.

But the platform is worldwide and can be traded between $ 10 and $ 15 dollars. Volkswagen has not yet expanded its investments in new markets.

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