Volkswagen hopes to write new content in NFT; understand why

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In early April, Volkswagen launched a “digital garage” with NFT trading cards. According to the plan, the project was completed, and the entire collection was sold out in seven hours.

Therefore, this Friday (22), Volkswagen will launch a new product, first, called Blackout, which is scheduled for May.

The new label will bring many new and unique designs, promises Volkswagen. The electronics consist of “lines that support the working condition of the models, with very fine lines that communicate the race conditions of each vehicle represented”.

There are classic and modern models such as Polo, Pointer, Apollo and Gol, in sports such as GT, GLS, GTI and GTS.

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The target, recently, also promised to launch a working campaign for the sale of rare items to car enthusiasts.

What is the Digital Garage platform?

On the Digital Garage platform, it is possible to store, exchange and trade digital products.

Initially, both collections were sold. One of them is the GT Collection, with 23 GT Series models. The other is Pen & Paper, which brings together 45 sketches of design.

The card has three levels of rarity: hero (approximately 80% of images available), honor (approximately 15% of the collection), and legend (less than 5%).


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