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– We have to play with a variety of functions. We do not have the right back now, so we have to improvise on the right. It is this multifunctionality of the player skillful way. We need to make them grow in an understanding of the game, as well as the culture, allowing us to change the system.

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This Wednesday, Lucas Piton acts as the winger on the left, ahead of Fábio Santos, who is the third defender. Two examples of various types of work claimed by Vítor Pereira.

Vítor Pereira in Corinthians vs Portuguesa-RJ – Photo: Marcos Ribolli

The trainer also discussed the decision to enter with a line of three bottoms.

– We made it another way for us 4-3-3. Today we decided to go 3-4-3 because we have a lot of space. Against a more incarcerated team, we need to have more open men on both sides, we can be different.

– Regarding entry with three defenders, it also has to do with right-back. Fagner injured, João Pedro too, and I want Rafa for the game against Inter. So it is a bit manageable. We need training that allows us to do this administration, and that is happening today.

Regarding these changes, Vítor Pereira goes on to explain the importance of behavioral management in different processes.

Best time: Corinthians 2 x 0 Portuguesa-RJ for third stage of Copa do Brasil

Best time: Corinthians 2 x 0 Portuguesa-RJ for third stage of Copa do Brasil

– We talk about the model, which is dynamic. The principles, that is, the attitude, are the same. We set the framework for the same behavior.

– One of the principles, for example, is to click when we drop the ball. And the training does not matter, because it is the principle of the team. I will not ask you to not rely on training when I change the system. That is not the point. A team that wants to maintain the level of competition, and that is the future, needs talented people. For players who, playing internally or externally, the system needs something in place to change roles – he added.

After another night of team management, Corinthians return to the area on Saturday to face Internacional, at 19:00 (Brasília), in Beira-Rio, for the Brazilian Championship. The following Tuesday, they met Boca Juniors, from Bombonera, to the Copa Libertadores.

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Is the team giving confidence to the crowd?
– To be honest, the team gives us confidence. In an earlier statement, before we got to the venue, I told them: “The club sold 35,000 tickets on Wednesday, 21:30, with people having to work the next day. , against Serie D … How can we not agree on a shipment? “. Speaking of good, sometimes it can not be done. But delivery, passion, respect, we can not fail in that. The goal of sending out the body and soul in this game we can do without. The fans gave us confidence and a desire to play at home. But at the same time, I told them that we have to be confident away from home to win the game. Certainly should be a habit. Drawing must be something that keeps us awake. Only the rope allows us to qualify. That’s theory must be right, it must be part of our DNA. Attitude of victory. And this is something that is being developed, this more rigorous thinking has been developed.

Kauleethaus Are you ready for the second semester?
– I will be as honest as possible. I have no idea. Now, I believe that if we had a little more time, the way I wanted my team to play was intense and strong, by resistance, and with the change of defense, to beat the ball in the middle. So I raised myself for the rest of my life. I have the opportunity to almost always play on the lists. Since the foundation of Porto I have had great players. Porto is a clinic where I try everything. It allowed me to always play ball, always win titles, with heavy shifts, and so I learned. I like the main group. It turns out that here in Brazil we can not be the first. We grew up there. While we are in control, we are in control. When we could not click, we were having trouble getting back on track. We need to know how to defend in a low block when the opponent and can force us to do so. The team is growing at this time. I find it impossible to always click. With that reality, it is Kauleethaus That we can do, is not what I want to see.

Basic player performance
-If I say both, I will be dishonest. I can talk about the basics. We have good players on the ground. These activities provide us with a place to train and play after giving more time to play, support, work on them, make them more resilient. We have Giovane, Felipe, who has the goal of playing, we have Wesley, who is broken, we have Matheus, Biro, Maná, Robert, good players. The foundation worked well. It is up to me to find a place for them, to have them as close to us as possible to help us grow. Mantuan, Adson, João Victor, Raul, who is young, Piton, Du … there are many good players who need a little more time and training to get to the next level.

Development of the youngest
– We need. I was previously connected to the base. I like working with new people, who do not do well in some way, which is natural because they are at risk in areas where they should not be, being personal when they need to be together, but to see them grow is very exciting. At the same time, we clearly understand that we have experience and key players in our team. It is about nurturing young people, making them mature, developing culture, understanding of the game, a time of competition. They are at a stage where they are just beginning to understand the timing of the game. Sometimes the team needs to press high, other times to compress. That is the growth they have. The base players who come to training … glad to see them, they come with all the passion in the world, they increase the effort of training. It is a matter of opportunity and learning from the players.

Performance at home and out
– What are the classics? (jokes about the classics outside the arena). I have a stat classics. In Portugal they say I do not remember the classics, I do not remember them, honestly. Now, I arrive in Brazil and play I do not know how much classics together, all at home, no time to work, do not know my players, do not understand competitors, then I the statistics have increased (almost). It is up to me, the experts, to ensure that our images differ in future classics. When I lose this game, it’s something that moves. I’m not in the habit of playing this kind of game. But it’s what it is. Let us prepare for these two games, which are very important to us. We know we can fall from the first place, and that’s not. If we lose, as long as we forget later, make up our minds … It is creating an attitude of victory. Losing and drawing for us must be something that makes us bad. I love watching my team when they fall, trying to lift their spirits. We must rise up to fight. When we fall, we must get up immediately and fight again.

– Photo: Reproduction

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