Vítor Pereira describes the Corinthians’ strength, but regret: “We lost two points” | Corinthians

Coach Vítor Pereira spoke to Corinthians about the strength of the response this Saturday, as the team was later able to score twice in the match against Internacional, but managed to get a 2-2 draw in Beira -Rio. However, the Portuguese regretted the fact that the team did not win.

– Corinthians adds one, but loses two points. We lose two because of the soul we have to create dissatisfaction with the exit point. Of course the game is challenging. We have not entered the game very well. They create problems, especially on our right, where we do not defend well. We took Mantuan (from the left) and placed it there for better protection.

– Inter have the advantage, they put a lot of people on the line against the attack. But it is not easy for a team to do twice after the score and go to the draw. Not for any group, just a group of like-minded people as we are. In stages a few enter better. We made some adjustments, most of the strength, and we came back fine. We could have made it 3-2, but that was it. A draw that does not make us interested in the understanding that the goal is won – announced the Portuguese, in an interview with the media.

But the coach praised the team.

– This reaction can only be done with the decision-making team, who is not satisfied with the outcome and knows that it can do better. The first time we heard. In the second half, after a bit of adjusting, we came back better and stronger, pushing Inter back, like they did for us in the first half. We certainly had a chance to be third, but the result was what it was. Congratulations to my players who can make a difference – says Vítor Pereira.

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Best time: Internacional 2 x 2 Corinthians, for the 6th round of Brasileirão 2022

Best time: Internacional 2 x 2 Corinthians, for the 6th round of Brasileirão 2022

The alvinegro leader also described the changes he had made in the first half, removing Róger Guedes and replacing Jô, who scored second for Timão:

– It depends on the game. Depends on the game in question. I already talked to Roger. It has nothing to do with it, it has to do with the features of one and the other, plus the game has claimed time. We needed a batsman who held the ball more, which gave us time to get into the attack, which we didn’t get in the first half. Róger is more of a place, he likes to kill them, meet them alone, but the game does not claim to be that. Jô has the characteristics of a pivot, it gives us time to come and support. He can be a good goal, he can be something else. It came well and I am satisfied.

Now, Corinthians are turning their attention back to the Copa Libertadores. On Tuesday, the team meets Boca Juniors, at Bombonera.

– I have not been to Bombonera. But I did watch some beautiful Argentine classics, in fact it was a beautiful place. We knew it would be a tough game. In a short time, we had Inter today, we went to Argentina tomorrow and then São Paulo at home. As I said, it is for the group with the attitude, the attitude, which is united – says Vítor Pereira.

Vítor Pereira, Corinthians coach, with defender Gil – Photo: Silvio Avila / Getty Images

Rafael Ramos’ accusations of racism against Edenilson were also discussed. He said he believed the Corinthians’s words, which he refused to call his opponent Red. For Vítor Pereira, what happens is communication does not work, so Inter sports will misunderstand what the Portuguese say.

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