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The organization’s mission is to be a leader in Latin America in Web 3.0 activities

Price, a digital marketing organization focused on Web 3.0 implementation, announces its business in Latin America. With the goal of becoming a pioneer in the region, the organization seeks to identify new businesses that are constantly expanding to its customers.

For Diego Ortiz, CEO of Verse, the company, as cliché as it sounds, is an inevitable revolution that is happening all over the world and is now reaching Brazil and Latin America to mention the way for companies in Web 3.0.

“Many companies in our region have a culture of recognition and trust, especially on the B2B side. That the whole world is passing by and we do not want Latin America to be abandoned, “Ortiz said of the post-Verse support.

The current era of the Internet, called Web 3.0, offers more ideas to users. Now, in its third phase, content such as Metaverse has emerged, which opens up endless potential for new business ventures to become online.

And for Diego Ortiz, the public in Latin America is already preparing for Web 3.0, hoping companies can reach the expectations and expectations they already have.

“Because doing it or any other company does it, it will happen here, because it has already happened all over the world. So the goal is to give Latin American companies the opportunity to become pioneers in business wherever they go, “said Ortiz.

And no full rebranding is required to be able to take advantage of the new opportunities of Web 3.0. The modification of the DNA of companies in this new world is part of the role mentioned by Verse. The public is ready, now is the time for companies to prepare.

Verse’s 4Cs Method

To help with this transition, Verse works with processes based on the pillars of 4Cs – Concept, Design, Community and Extension. Thus, following the calculation of exchange strategies, companies accessing Web 3.0 will be simplified as follows:

Strategies – Design strategies, from the development of NFTs, to Metaverse assets and how they can be linked to “real world” value.

Create – Create and add value to the digital assets that Verse offers, launching them into the expanded Metaverse where communities can engage and collaborate.

Community – Establish communication opportunities for real-time interaction with the audience, managing the growth of the Discord community and other forms of user engagement.

Continuity – Find people with a passion for Verse to build a community and encourage ongoing collaboration. It is all about relationships and interactions.

About Verse

Price is a digital marketing organization focused on interacting with businesses with Web 3.0. With the goal of becoming a pioneer in the industry in exponential evolution, Verse arrived in Latin America to announce a conference of brands with the will of the community to advance their private in content such as Web 3.0, Metaverse, NFT and Blockchain.

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