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Phillippe Coutinho was sold in 2008, he left Vasco when he was 18 in 2010, but to this day he still earns good money for the club. With the announcement of the sale of the Brazilian to Aston Villa for R $ 108 million, The Vasco will qualify for R $ 2.55 millionequal to 2.36% of the total, as it is the club training.

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With this, the Cruz-Maltino club will reach almost R $ 20 million received from Coutinho’s joint venture, doubling the value he negotiated in 2008.

Philippe Coutinho celebrates goal for Aston Villa against Southampton – Photo: REUTERS

This will be Phillippe Coutinho, the fourth exchange in Europe to receive Vasco. In 2008, he was traded for around R $ 10 million with Inter Milan.

Coutinho has since passed through Italy, England and Germany, in talks with the rich who, together, reach 186.5 million Euros – more than R $ 1 billion, if the numbers have changed to the current value.

In estimation values, and unless they are counted at the top of the statement at the time of each change, the account is as follows:

  • 2008 – Vasco ➡️ Inter Milan – BRL 10 lab.
  • 2013 – Inter Milan ➡️ Liverpool – R $ 35 million (Vasco acquired BRL 750,000 It)
  • 2018 – Liverpool ➡️ Barcelona – R $ 570 million (Vasco acquired BRL 15.8 million)
  • 2019 – Barcelona ➡️ Bayern Munich (loan) – BRL 38 million (Vasco received BRL 844 ib)
  • 2022 – Barcelona ➡️ Aston Villa – R $ 108 million (Vasco will receive BRL 2.55 million)

Fifth in Serie B at Brasileirão, Vasco returns to the field next Sunday to meet the Bahia boss, at 16:00 (Brasília time), in São Januário, in the game valid for the seventh race. Tickets are sold out for the tournament.

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