Valentine’s Day will be a celebration.

This Sunday (12) is the most beloved day of the year celebrated throughout Brazil: Valentine’s Day. And this year’s date will be celebrated in a more special way by many couples since after nearly two years of epidemics, confinement and social isolation, couples are enjoying going out to enjoy.

This is what 41-year-old Janaína Sampaio and 37-year-old Philippe Daguano intend to do. After starting dating and getting married in the middle of the Covid-19 outbreak, they want to spend Valentine’s Day, have dinner at a restaurant and spend the night at a club.

Janaína says heavy rains in February 2020 in Sao Paulo are the beginning of her romance. She and Philippe work in Sao Paulo where they meet, but on weekends they often stay in Sorocaba while she comes from Sorocaba, where her family also lives. “I met Philippe because of the heavy rain in Sao Paulo and the building where we lived with the entire basement flooded, causing the loss of more than 200 cars for residents, including his mother’s car.” Janana.

Immediately after the incident, she moved to help the occupants of the building whose car was damaged by the rain. “After that, the Carnival came and I went to Sorocaba to my mother’s house. And Philippe’s mother sent a message to the occupants of the building asking for a garage for the spare car sent by the insurance company because her car was completely affected by the rain that hit the building, “he said. .

When Janaína drove to Sorocaba, she gave Philippe’s mother her place in the building since she was away and during the holidays she would not use the place. “When I returned to S ប៉ូo Paulo, his mother sent me a message thanking me for giving up my parking lot and asking if he could leave a souvenir in my apartment as a thank you. “I said I did not need it, but I said it was okay.”

To Janaína Philippe’s surprise, a souvenir was brought to her, the son of a woman who asked to borrow a parking space. Janaína initially said she was unaware of Philippe’s intentions, but admitted that she later learned that her mother knew she was single and living alone, so she decided to hand over her single son. Souvenirs. “After the first contact, he and I started talking through the program message and soon the epidemic started. Then we started talking on cell phones and making video calls. But on Valentine’s Day 2020, we decided to meet and start dating. “And now we are celebrating one year of dating and now officially married.”

After they started dating the next month in July, she and Philippe got engaged and ended their marriage on February 20 last year. “The wedding party that took place in Sorocaba I could have done but at the end of last year was still due to an epidemic. We had to relocate but it was over.”

And to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the couple wanted to go out for a walk, with last year’s epidemic dating at their home. “We will have dinner at a special and romantic place and then have a party to celebrate,” says Janaína.

Despite the many disagreements and losses caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the couple’s story shows that not everything is tears and sadness at the moment. That affects humanity. “I did not expect that because of the rain that affected the building and many residents, I would end up meeting my boyfriend and my future husband.”

Healthy relationships

Psychologist Monica Machado talks about healthy relationships. (Credit: Show)

And for those who are already in a relationship or want to find a partner, psychologist Monica Machado has suggested tips and habits for couples to cultivate a healthy relationship. According to her, a happy couple does not mean “perfect couple” because there is nothing perfect in a relationship.

“Happy couples may have some imperfections, but they learn to appreciate each other’s differences every day and work together to form a special relationship. “On the other hand, a great relationship is not a matter of luck, and it does not just happen – it takes effort and attention to walk and evolve in a way that satisfies and satisfies the couple.”

For her, the first tip is about acceptance. “Your frustrations in your partner often reflect the acceptance you have of yourself. So the first step in having a good relationship with someone is to have a good relationship with yourself.

One thing to avoid is external influences. “Do not let anything outside drive your relationship. If you are having problems with your working partner to discuss the matter without third party intervention. Husbands and wives have to live their experiences, follow their ways, ”he advised.

Comparisons should also be avoided. “Do not compare your relationship with others. “Each couple makes their own rules, agreements, contracts and has their own love habits.”

And of course, time alone is essential. “If you neglect your relationship, your relationship will neglect you. With a busy schedule, we forget to take the time to enjoy the great company we have. In relationships, distance is not measured in meters, but in the absence of love. Two people can be close, but deep down they are far apart in love and care. So do not ignore the people you love, because indifference is a silent poison for any couple, “the psychologist concluded. (Anna Claudia Martins)

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