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Left-back Lucas Pires is out to be one of Santos ’most iconic players this season. The 21-year-old arrived at the professional level after winning the Copa São Paulo de Futebol Júnior and getting the job started quickly, winning the clash with Felipe Jonatan.

But the player’s story can be different. Until July of last year, Lucas Pires was part of the base group of Corinthians. However, with the contract close to expiration, he opted to transfer the Parque São Jorge club to Vila Belmiro.

Lucas Pires during Santos training – Photo: Ivan Storti / Santos FC

Fernando Yamada, leader of the Corinthians at the time, held three meetings with the side and its representatives for the reconstruction in the first months of 2021. But no agreement was reached. Athlete representatives understand that there is no projection for Lucas in Timão.

It was during this time that Santos appeared along the way. As the former president of the Peixe base, Felipe Gil, Lucas Pires has been in charge for a long time.

– He is an athlete who the club has supervised as well as evaluating the industry. He is an athlete who always catches three bases, long distance, in every race. The marketing opportunity has arisen. We met with his agent and we talked about the possibility of him going to Santos – said the former manager of Santos, who is now the athletic director of Hercílio Luz, the club by Santa Catarina.

Lucas Pires training for Corinthians – Photo: Rodrigo Coca / Ag. Kauleethaus

By this time, Yamada had left Corinth. Carlos Brazil has considered the management of the grassroots. However, the exit of Lucas Pires was already on the way. Peixe and Timão, afterwards, discussed a fee to release the player before the end of the contract, which expires in September.

– We made the contract before, because its contract was terminated (in Corinthians). We have to give a percentage (of the right trade) to the Corinthians, around 25%, to release the athlete before the end of the contract. We have finally brought these events to the under-23 age group, with the potential of a career, because we believe in his ability. The club, soon after, ended up with a lower-23 team. It goes into the low-20s. He has this great competition in the Copa São Paulo, which he, Lucas Barbosa and Rwan do not respect each other. It was done, ”explains Gil.

Lucas Pires was announced by Santos in July 2021. At the age of 20, the left-back signed a three-year contract, valid until July 2024. Peixe received 75% of rules. The remaining 25% are candidates.

Sportv have been at loggerheads over Santos' success after beating Coritiba in the Copa do Brasil

Sportv have been at loggerheads over Santos’ success after beating Coritiba in the Copa do Brasil

From cups to the starting lineup

Immediate modification. After the Copa São Paulo second title in early 2022, Lucas Pires was promoted to the professional team. After three innings into the second half, he overcame Felipe Jonatan, took the lead and never left.

Wisdom and with speed, the winger has become a weapon for coach Fabián Bustos in attack. Up to now there are five teams of boys. In the 3-0 win over Coritiba, fifth, for the Copa do Brasil, he provided a beautiful assist for Madson to score. Watch the video below:

Best time: Santos 3 x 0 Coritiba for third stage of Copa do Brasil

Best time: Santos 3 x 0 Coritiba for third stage of Copa do Brasil

Santos is now trying to predict the bullying of one of his key players. The club is starting to move to try to extend his contract.

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