Ukrainian-flagged NFT raises US $ 6.75 million in aid aid Época Negócios

Ukraine flag with Bitcoin symbol (Image: Pixbay)

The Ukrainian government has requested assistance from digital resources; National flag NFT raised $ 6.7m to help fight Russians (Photo: Pixbay)

A Ukrainian NFT (non-fungible token) flag raised 2,258 ETH (approximately US $ 6.7 million or R $ 34.1 million) this Wednesday (2). The price will be sent to Come back alivean organization that donates supplies to the Ukrainian civilian and military forces.

Involvement by UkraineDAO group, sales by large sums of money sponsored by Nadya Tolokonnikova, member of the working group Russian Pussy Riot, in collaboration with NFT studio Tripppy Labs. The purpose of the initiative is to help Ukraine against the Russian invasion that began last week.

On its website, UkraineDAO has stated that “changes” cannot be achieved with similar results. “There are many ways for money to always be intercepted or disrupted by traditional organizations, governments and other organizations with the aim of controlling, harming, or simply changing money is not transparent, ”the agency said.

The fundraiser comes just days after the Ukrainian government announced on Twitter that it had received a free cryptocurrency. Digital benefits have emerged as an important source of financial support for the country as Russia raises its prey on key cities.

According to blockchain analytics company Elliptic, more than 72,000 exchanges for Ukrainians, worth about $ 47 million, were recorded on Wednesday. The organization traces free cryptocurrency to the Ukrainian government and NGOs that support the country’s military.

Sharing purchases

The winning bid for the flag of Ukraine was placed on behalf of the lake of 3,271 donors through a program called PartyBid. And once NFT was once developed on the Ethereum blockchain, competitors could share ownership of the product, with participation ranging from 0.00001 ether (below $ 0.03) to 44 ether ($ 0.03). ).

When purchasing, users will receive proportional tokens depending on the size of their grant. According to investors, they will be able to vote for future sales of the property, although UkraineDAO has said it hopes to “remove” people from the joint venture. business. The organization says the owners hold them “as a reminder of the ongoing human need of our planet.”

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