UFC: chairman confirms that the balance of the meeting will not be equal | battle

The set procedure was used on UFC 274 heavy-in, indicating that Charles was in the Bronx War – Photo: Getty Images

UFC vice president of administration and former member of the Nevada Athletic Commission, Marc Ratner spoke about the incident in an interview with “MMA of Sirius XM” podcast this week. The director defends the Arizona sports commission and confirms that the instrument used is correct. On the other hand, it has acknowledged that digital measurement will get out of measurement.

– Schedule, which is where they weigh themselves on Friday with the Arizona commission, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. (local time), 28 competitors weigh in. So I’m sure there is nothing to do with that measure. This measure is accurate. What people are talking about is that, the night before, there were indicators that fighters could check their weight. Some fighters want to change the scale from pounds to kilograms, which you can do, and some things can change. We have no evidence of anything, but that would have taken the balance out of measure, ”Ratner said.

According to the director, the agency found out about the problem with the measure at 8:00 or 8:30 a.m. Friday morning and tried to replace the items. He also said the fighters were alerted to the incident, something Charles complained could not reach him or his team.

Marc Ratner even opposed the use of analog instruments, also known as “muscle scales”, used by the Arizona commission and also by the Nevada commission, among many others. For him, digital segments can cause problems in cutting weight due to their accuracy of content.

– Digital segments, sometimes you have tens of ounces, the weight is 16 ounces. You will hate to have to fight regularly and the weight should be 155 lbs (70.3 kg) and you can gain up to 156 (70.8 kg) but on a scale you can weigh 156.2 lbs (70.9 kg) . That is also not necessary. We always use meatballs, it’s true, it’s equal, it is calibrated, so I have no problem using it. We have been successfully using it for all 15 years I have been using it – being honest with the manager.

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