Uefa agrees to switch to Champions League format for 2024, with more places to play for national team | Champions League

Now it’s in the works: UEFA on Tuesday approved the transfer of the Champions League from the 2024/25 season, translating the rules for the division of additional venues in the competition, which will now be There are 36 groups in its first phase. (League level), and no 32 – the club coefficient will not be used for this classification. In addition, it was decided that each team would play eight matches in the first round, and not 10, as initially thought. The changes are only valid from the 2024/25 season.

Instead of resorting to the usual procedures of its own level of government or coalition, UEFA decided to divide the division into different divisions. Only one of them will be guaranteed to go to one of the top 5 organizations in the organization rankings: third place in the league with the fifth highest coefficient. If the design is available for next season, this place will go to the French Championship.

Champions League will have a new format for the 2024/25 season – Photo: Print / Twitter

One of the venues will be reserved for a team through the Games, through the so-called “Path of Champions”, which simply opposes the national associations in their collective organizations – There will be five places on the side of the pre-Champions. .

The other two places will be defined as the performance of each team in the last season in the Champions League. The two countries where organizations have the best median content of a game will get the most spots. If the model is available for next season, these places will go to the English Premier League and the Dutch Premier League.

WATCH LIVE: The latest soccer news is on ge Central

WATCH LIVE: The latest soccer news is on ge Central

The four additional locations in the phase that will replace the group levels will be divided as follows:

  • An address for the third time in the league of leagues that is in the fifth position of the Uefa rankings (currently, the French Championship);
  • An address for a country won by the playoffs stage, by the “Path of Champions” (which goes to the division of five teams for the first stage);
  • An address for an organization whose affiliations have the best median points of a game in the last Champions League match (in the current season, English);
  • An address for an organization whose affiliations have the best median points of a game in the last Champions League (at the moment, the Netherlands).

Uefa has revised its plan for each club to play 10 matches in the knockout stages – there will now be eight games for each team before the tournament. Each tournament will be played over 10 weeks (or two and a half months) – one week will be limited to European tournaments.

Uefa has also decided to keep every game of the season in the middle of the week, to guarantee a place on the calendar of national leagues and cups across the country.

– We believe that the ballot box is designed to be equitable and that it will improve equity and generate revenue that can be distributed to organizations, leagues and athletes across the board. our country, contributes to the enthusiasm and interest of our competitive organizations. The division will remain as a sport and the dream of participation will remain for all organizations – UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin said.

Champions will change its traditional approach, with eight of the four teams, and will adopt a type of joint venture, this is called the “Swiss model”. Each team will play eight matches, four at home and four away, and the top eight eliminated in the first round will guarantee themselves straight into the playoffs.

The teams that finish between the 9th and 24th in the table will all face the eight-place game. The 16 “survivors” will reach the round of 16, and all the playoffs will be played in the same format as last year, with home and away tournaments and the final in a challenge.

talk at least since 2019, changes to the Champions League format were planned to prevent the movement of some of the country’s biggest clubs to form an independent league. But there was no success in that: 12 groups last year won the European Super League of organizations, which quickly lost momentum with the arrival of almost all the founders.

UEFA has confirmed that the transfer will also apply to the Europa League, which will feature eight matches in the Open, and the League Cup, which will feature six matches at the knockout stages. . Both will also include 36 groups in this phase.

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