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It is all Atlético-MG needs: to win and share the efforts of the field. Antonio Mohamed saw him this Saturday. Galo won Atlético-GO 2-0, from Independência, and won again in the Campeonato Brasieiro after four matches. El Turco left satisfied.

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– The team is very active, we practice without being attacked by a competitor. It is very intense, it is very confident. We need a race like that, to get back on track. Now it’s time to relax and think about Libertadores – says the coach, already thinking about the match next Thursday, against Independiente del Valle.

The match has never had an outside impact on the Argentine. Atlético board quick defense against coach. He agreed to rely on the work. Antonio Mohamed acknowledged the team’s decline. But he said effort is always sought after.

Atletico-MG x Atletico-GO; Antonio Mohamed – Photo: Pedro Souza / Atlético-MG

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Against Atlético-GO, the team slowed down in the second half. A table of players and fans came to the venue, praised by El Turco for the resumption of the tournament.

“We had that effort, but a lot of circumstances, physicality, the numbers of the game. In the second half, we reduced the effort, and the players” number 12 “, which is the crowd, raised the group.

– This crowd is very important, along with their support, the team gets stronger and seeks a second goal. It is good chemistry between players and fans. It should go further, we want to be the protagonists and find all the names.

Atletico-MG x Atletico-GO; Hulk – Photo: Fernando Moreno / AGIF

Exploration for development is a challenge, which often goes beyond Mohamed’s rule. Against Atlético-GO, it had no Mariano. In the next game, the problem will be Keno, who feels the hook in his lap against the Goiás.

“It’s great (football). In the next game we will not have Keno. We clearly have a team to play, but there are injuries, suspensions and physical weakness. Let us find ways for the group to avoid disappointment and depth.We must find solutions.

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