This week the market moves to test NFT trader solutions – what else?

There is no doubt that there has been interest of investors piling of Web3, and that despite the drop in total sales in the last seven days. Since early May, total market capitalization for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has risen to more than $ 19.4 billion, with total volumes exceeding $ 1.2 billion in the past seven days. .

7-day trading cap / volume of NFT market. Source:

When volumes are lower than usual, viewers are quick to wonder what jobs are designed or delivering the products, putting the revenue from the water flowing into them. Although this is not always the case, NFT investors are conducting their assessments based on the methods, announcements and estimates that the group shares. However, given the speed at which NFT operations can move, traction and locking requirements are required when investing in NFTs.

Functional and status blue-chip NFTs like Cool Cats’ Lead Animal, Axie Infinity, and even the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) have strayed a bit from their campaign, restricting their users are a little satisfied. While this works well for BAYC, it is important for investors to understand that investing in a contract on the go can be frustrating.

The unpredictability of growing conditions

It is pleasing to break through a project that seems to be blue-chip caliber. The project can check all the boxes and groups to prove that in the past the design of the product worked, the drawings were good with many groups. If communities are strong and united around their beliefs about the project and supported by the need, investors will feel that they believe they can find the win.

Of course, all this has no responsibility for success.

Take for example Cool Pets, which launched on January 31st and is set to launch its game-to-win (P2E), Cooltopia. Some misconduct caused delays in the release and caused many NFT vendors to lose confidence in the project. In addition, April 29, Chris Hassett, former CEO of Cool Cats NFT, resigned from his position and now the company is looking for a change.

We are looking for a new CEO !!
Chris Hassett emerges as CEO We thank him and wish him all the best for the future. We are working with top companies to help find a global CEO. In the meantime, designers will guide and focus on CC vision and direction.

– Air conditioning (@coolcatsnft) April 29, 2022

Often the biggest impact on success is that events do not lead to logistical problems, but it is important to keep in mind the difference between “good” and “bad”. bad “. For example, rapid growth can create stress on a project’s ability to measure safety, but it often sets goals for it.

Axie Infinity has no protection against social engineering hacking, making a $ 625 million hack that represents one of the largest cryptocurrency applications in history.

As it stands, the Ronin bridge that transfers money to the Ethereum mainnet is closed. That is, the user is currently locked in the Ronin network until the full evaluation. The unforeseen event left investors with their capital closed and their in-game tokens in strong downtrend. As a result, community morality has gone through some of the darkest days with investors voicing their thoughts on how to proceed.

Travel marketing can affect morale

Rapid growth can not only set the goal of the project, it can also allow many chefs in the kitchen to experiment with new ideas. In general, as the project user base grows, so does the number of reflections on what is best for the future and security of the community and the project. This is where speculation begins and speculation begins.

The Otherdeed Digital Land NFTs by Yuga Labs yes the most promising coin for 2022 till now, with an estimated value of over $ 110,880. Most of these benefits have been attributed to the rare Koda NFTs, which have been separated from other regions.

As coins have been priced in ApeCoin currency, OpenSea mid-market supports APE as a payment method for future titles. Other stocks sold for an average price of $ 25,629 before the announcement, but fell to $ 15,510 after the announcement, along with a drop in APE prices.

Each time average volume at retail price / Alternative volume. Source: OpenSea

Although many Web3 marketers think these coins are out of the way of others, they do not want the broader cryptocurrency and NFT markets to go down. In the last seven days, Ethereum has dropped by 15% and with most NFTs being Ethereum-based, their prices have also hit. Solana-based NFTs (SOL) have also been associated with SOL trending nearly 40% in the last seven days.

NFT traders also hoped that minting would boost the NFT industry with revenue. Once the water has been injected into some of the collection, total sales of NFTs have dropped by 40% in the last seven days. These numbers indicate that the market is entering a cool period.

30-day NFT industry capital / volume. Source:

With so much of the market appearing in the red, NFT investors are finding themselves in difficult situations. Some investors have continued to invest more money than they can afford and have been forced to sell their assets at a loss to pay interest and capital. Others are rationalizing the downside to the retail market in shock due to rising interest rates in the United States.

WAGMI “We will all make it” mantra that has become a favorite of NFT traders has been tested and traders have to deal with the market has not been decorated with all the time high and bulk. The good point is that often during lulls, builders are born. Savvy investors take advantage of declining market expectations as time goes on “mass and survive”, Raising their credentials and riding now lower back to new heights all the time.

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