“This is priceless”; Rodrigo Caio ‘surprised’ by post-Paulo Sousa post in Flamengo

LUB Flamengo is going through a difficult time, with a lot of frustration from getting up and uncertain behind, especially when it comes to the current show staff, who are not happy with the fans . The performance on the field by the team led by Paulo Sousa created a “buzz”, with changes that will occur soon.

The return of Jorge Jesus was decided out after several recent rumors, but the change of coach is not something thrown away by the administration, who is looking for the best way out of the bottom of the list. The situation is even more significant when criticism also falls on Marcos Braz back, for example, who also does not like.

However, some players are still looking for emotional boost, so much more Rodrigo Caioinvited by “FLA TV +”, last Thursday (12), to talk about his comeback, mentioned the situation that praised the flamengo leaderincluding Diego Aguirre, who was sidelined by former São Paulo defender.

He was very special to me when he (Paulo Sousa) came to visit me. That is the attitude of people who think about the future. I was seriously injured and I had a lot of training problems. Coach (Aguirre) really. I have a foot injury, I have not been able to work for three months, and the trainer has not had a single physical visit to hug me or ask me what I am doing. This is a difficult problem because it is the most sad time for any athlete. You hurt, and this time I was fighting for a place in the World Cup. I was injured two weeks before the last call. “nco.

“When I heard that Mister was in the hospital hugging me, I did not know her, and she did not know me, she had just arrived. He went to me and said to me, ‘Strength.’ For me, it means a lot. Before you look at that situation and say, “He cares for me. He will give me encouragement and he counts for me.”pride, fulfillment:

“And a day or two later, she (Paulo Sousa) called me:” So, Rodrigo, how are you? Stand firm, knowing that all things shall come to pass, that God may be with you, and that we may be in the midst of a people, that ye may be with us as soon as possible ”. That, for me, is the attitude of people with a good heart. When a person is in a situation like this, he falls down and needs a hand. And he gave me his hand at that moment. And every time I was in CT he always asked. This is priceless and, without a doubt, it has been very unique “complete the defense.


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