The young man is selling his soul as NFT and the value reaches R $ 14 million

While NFTs are still a confusing topic for many who are involved (or are not) in the cryptocurrency industry, others have taken the time to use technology to try to sell everything possible, no matter what. which in the past can be considered as bad, such as the case. of the young man who decides to sell his soul as NFT.

Stijn van Schaik, A 21-year-old student at an art school in The Hague, the Netherlands, has put up a sign that can not be called “The Spirit of Stinus” at auction of OpenSea. LUB NFT is available on the blockchain and is sold on the world’s largest non-fungible token market.

NFT’s art is pretty weird to say the least. But it is not just a picture, the young man asks for auctioning nothing more and nothing less your soul in NFT form, however.

NFT Soul
NFT Soul

In OpenSea, NFT explains that it really represents the artist’s soul and that, for now, it’s’s, but it can be shipped through the sale of the blockchain.

Also, the author asks what could mysteriously have happened if a soul had been placed on the blockchain.

“Hello everyone, right now you are looking for a soul. Now it is mine. When it all switches to blockchain, who knows what. What does it mean for a soul to be decentralized? We will find out! ” in Schaik.

The answer would be that the consequences are absolutely nothing, because the NFT has no creator spirit and everything is just another business to make money off of the internet bullshit, which works.

As you can see on the NFT page of OpenSea, the current sale price is around 1,040 Ethereuns, about $ 3.6 million.

But what is the right this NFT gives to the buyer? As the Creator himself, whoever buys his soul will be able to:

  • Confirmed to be the master of the soul in question.
  • Change the soul, in whole or in part, to an individual or organization, for a reason.
  • Sacrifice is the giving of a soul, in whole or in part, to something or spiritually.
  • The use or utilization of a soul, in whole or in part, for any purpose that results in a decrease in value, quantity, or materiality, or as a whole.

Among other rules, prove how big the NFT industry really is.

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