The World No. 1 NFT Museum wants to “pull the fabric” of Blockchain Art

The World No. 1 NFT Museum wants to “pull the fabric” of Blockchain Art

The world’s first NFT museum wants to “pull the fabric” of Blockchain Art

SEATTLE (Reuters) – The world’s first NFT art museum has opened in Seattle, USA, with the aim of “drawing back” of art based on blockchain technology.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a type of digital asset that has exploded in recent times, with NFT artwork being exchanged for millions of dollars. NFTs are available on the blockchain, the data stored on the business network of the computer network.

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The museum opened its doors on January 14 and provided an opportunity for artists, producers and writers to showcase their NFTs in body, while still exploring inform the public about new markets for art.

Jennifer Wong, founder and curator of the NFT Museum in Seattle, said: “We have seen the impact of seeing this type of art in a way that you stop and see. all the details. “

According to a March report by Ireland-based research and industry firm, the global NFT industry is expected to grow to $ 21 billion by 2022.

“NFT is just a contract that means ownership of an asset,” said museum co-founder Peter Hamilton. “These tokens … are a promise that the number is a picture, and if you have that number, you are the rightful owner.”

(Reporting by Matt McKnight)

The World No. 1 NFT Museum wants to “pull the fabric” of Blockchain Art

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