The woman was charged with calling a staff member ‘creole’ and stabbing a nurse at a hospital in RS; VIDEO | Rio Grande do Sul

Public police indicted a woman for peoples slur and physical injury He later allegedly assaulted a nurse and committed a racist offense against a staff member at a health center in downtown Porto Alegre. The violations took place last Monday (9).

G1 sought patient protection, but did not receive a response until the final update of this report.

The suspect was arrested in connection with an act by the Army Corps (BM), but was later released. Along with the lawsuit, the case was referred to the Court for review by the Public Ministry (MP).

Paulo Cesar Jardim said “He was arrested in connection with the incident and charged with bodily harm and racism,” said Paulo Cesar Jardim’s agent.

According to a police report filed with the Civil Police, The woman may have called staff at Santa Marta Hospital “creole”. After, assault a nurse with a punch to the face and a bite of one hand.

In a video recorded at the health center, he could hear the woman criticizing the crime and complaining about the possibility of arrest.

“Are you white, girl? You are black, I’m just telling the truth. You want me to be called Snow White?”, The woman said.

According to the incident report that G1 had entered and alerted by a resident at the scene, the woman would have been upset by the waiting time for the appointment and entered the room of a nurse – who cares for six. -the child. hli. After explaining that the patient would be the next caller, the nurse reported pushing twice.

Later, while trying to hold the patient, the nurse was accused of hitting him in the face and hands, as well as kicking and slapping him. Later, the incident reported that another employee of the health center called “creole” by the patient.

In a statement, the City Health Service (SMS) said it had signed up to report work-related injuries and emergencies, including to police. incident warning. Employees are referred to the County Server Health Management (GSSM) for oversight, which oversees the health of City staff. SMS also denied the allegations and claimed that he supported the harassment expert, who was fired from his job.

The Regional Council of RS (Coren-RS) also announced the return in a statement and said it would like to send an SMS to “establish safety measures for caregivers. patient examination can be completed ”.

According to the report, the nurse was bitten on his right hand – Photo: Privacy

Note from the City Health Office (SMS) of Porto Alegre

Last Monday, the 9th, two paramedics from the Santa Marta Health Center were targeted for physical abuse by a consumer service user. The specialist sustained injuries to his arm and face. Immediately, a joint venture of services was opened to the Armed Forces. The user was arrested in flagrante delicto and sent to the mental health network of the city.

As a result, the City Health Department has issued a report on the collision of work and emergency and important to the police. Employees are referred to the County Server Health Management (GSSM) for oversight, which oversees the health of City staff.

The City Health Department recognizes all forms of harassment, and provides all necessary support to the victim’s attorney. He was temporarily suspended from activities. Mental health services are also available.

It is noteworthy that the City Health Department has followed, since 2016, the measures approved by the Safer Access Program, whose goal is to develop procedures and procedures for taking action to reduce the impact of personnel and equipment on harassment. Employees receive temporary training.

Courtesy of RS (Coren-RS) Regional Nursing Committee

On May 12, the Nursing Day, not just a celebration, the Regional Council of Rio Grande do Sul (Coren-RS) must make a public announcement about it. denial of assault on two nurses at Basic Health Unit (UBS) Santa Marta, a Porto Alegre, by a user, on May 9th. According to a complaint from a nurse to the City of Ombudsman, the user intervened with “slaps, punches, kicks, kicks, bites and scratches” against him and caused discrimination against him. his colleagues. The user, who is caught in the act and released, will not enjoy the waiting time for supervision.

Coren-RS will request an emergency rating from the Department of Urban Health (SMS) of the Capital, requesting the use of safety assessments so that nurses can be completed within Primary Health Care (PHC) network at Porto Alegre.

It is a no-brainer that such a scene is still going on against Nursing! Coren-RS represents more than 140,000 professionals and will continue to do so!

* Júlia Barros participates in the supervision of Gustavo Foster

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