The story of dating and marriage proposal running in a supermarket in the capital

Paola and Walter

With Valentine’s Day approaching, a sense of romance is drawing in the air. Shopping Bosque dos Ipês is the place of many romances. Take a short walk around the place to see people holding hands, the whole family walking around, couples eating dessert or eagerly entering a movie theater.

Some of these love stories happen in everyday life in the mall. This is the case of student Rodrigo Barros and លក់gatha Telles seller. They met when they were both working at the same store in Bosque and decided to go out for a day to get to know each other better. They did not wish for anything serious for a while, but ended up happily together and fell in love.

When Rodrigo decides to take another career path, the time is right to formalize the relationship. “Agatha has never had a serious boyfriend and wants a special offer. “With the help of friends and the Bosque team, I was able to prepare now.”

He took the opportunity of his lover to take a break to ask her out on a date with the right to watch and watch. Today, six months later, the relationship is still strong and the couple is ready to spend their first Valentine’s Day together. “We enjoy it a lot,” he assured.

They said

Rice rain

Another romantic moment left for Bosque dos Ipês history is when Valter de Souza asked Paola Leal Xavier to marry him. Kneeling and entitled to heart-shaped balloons, a special tune and a red rose, the energy engineer stunned his girlfriend in the middle of the cafeteria as the two walked through the store. Valter has an idea to make a proposal in Bosque, because the mall is part of the couple’s history and their favorite place to hang out.

“This proposal was a complete surprise, I did not know. He even brought my mother from Três Lagoas. Every detail of that moment is amazing. I will say a thousand times yes! It’s really emotional and the voice of Chuva de Arroz by Luan Santana. It’s perfect for me, ”she said emotionally.

Paola and Valter’s wedding did not take long to come out. A few days later, on December 15, 2021, they were married in a civilian manner. “We took a photo of the trip and today we continue to be together with God near us” for Valentine’s Day, Paola revealed that the couple is planning a romantic party and dinner.

For CEO Adriano Passos, knowing that Bosque dos Ipês is a part of people’s lives is a great feeling. “It is a pleasure to work in a living enterprise where people, traffic, living experiences and memories are created. In the end, it’s something that counts in our lives that has stories to share and know that every day can be special, ”he points out.

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