The STJD lawyer denied the allegations made by Atltico about the Hulk

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Hulk targeted by the STJD for a serious offense against Coritiba, in the race for the Brazilian Championship

The attorney general of the High Court of Justice (STJD) has rejected Atltico’s report on the allegations against the Hulk. Galo striker will be sentenced on May 18 for a felony offense against Coritiba, in the match for the 3rd round of the Srie A of the Brazilian Championship.

At the time, the athlete was kicking the ball to coach Willian Farias, in the 22nd minute of the second half, after losing the ball in the middle. It was yellowed out by lawyer Svio Pereira Sampaio, who was quoted as saying in the caption of the game: “.

“It cannot be acknowledged that the STJD Attorney General’s Office, which must be committed to exemption and fairness, has been responsible for the conduct of this grievance, provided by Mr. Rafael Bozzano, was clearly motivated by the desire to attack Clube Atltico Mineiro “, shouted the club. .

“Red card, 25 games of suspension … and directly to the police station for HAHAHAHAHAHA ahhhhh harassment, items of all game portals and one service only to talk about it, and they beat Ibope (sic) “, announced the hit media, in response to a follower.

Image of the Mantle of Massa III, from the Atlantic

In the eyes of the Minas Gerais, Gabigol’s claims have prompted the STJD to oppose him. “It cannot be ruled out that the unfortunate announcement of a football match, on the other hand, could lead to a complaint by an STJD lawyer”, read part of form.

The club also claimed that the race was judged by a video judge (VAR) and regretted the fact that the body did not have the “satisfaction and speed” when the bus with alvinegra The delegation was stoned in Curitiba, in the wake of the Copa do Brasil, Brazil attack Athletico-PR.

In the end, Galo said “he will not accept such extraordinary leaders and will do everything possible to bring them back, including protecting himself from harm in the race in travel again “.

Paid with “physical violence”, the Hulk can be disrupted by 4 to 12 game suspensions if convicted. The ship is being delivered to the port of Rio de Janeiro, and is expected to arrive on April 18, 18:00.

Hulk can be sentenced, given a small penalty or, in the worst case scenario, receive a long delay. Despite the court ruling, Atltico could appeal to the Plenary of the STJD.

In the report, the Office of the Attorney General asserted that there was freedom and leniency, without any objection from “declaration by the athlete” or “with the desire to harm the club “. The document further states that the complaint is based on “evidence of a video broadcast in the media”.

The STJD Attorney General’s Office also “trusts and disregards” Atltico’s behavior, which, in a letter, refers to the Attorney General’s name. “Tossing it to the masses, who are known to be violent and destructive,” reads the document.

Report from the STJD Attorney General’s Office in the field to Atltico

The Attorney General’s Office of the Superior Sports Court of Justice, through his Attorney General, expressed his views on the report by Clube Atltico Mineiro, which he said he was dissatisfied with. unwilling to sue his sportsman “HULK”.

It should be noted that the STJD Attorney General’s Office is physically independent and autonomous, and its grievances are in accordance with the law or the CBJD, there is no support. high by athletes who advertise or have the desire to harm a person or a club.

This grievance is justified by the video evidence presented in the media, which clearly states what happened, in accordance with the law (one sentence of sentence 58). -B of CBJD).

In addition, the complaint is not the subject of punishment, as the athlete will have the right to defend himself, using his legal right to full protection and disagreement, and if the complaint is unreasonable as the club claims, it is sufficient to report it. in order.

The fact that the referee identified the match on the field and applied the sentence with a yellow card did not prevent the Attorney from speaking out against the offense, because the lawyer examines the rules of the sport, he is the first to decide, and the offense for bad sports must be investigated by the Sports Court . Therefore, if the Prosecutor’s office understands that there has been a violation, he or she must file a complaint, in accordance with the law of the body.

As an example, we can refer to cases where athletes were expelled with a red card, and then sentenced in Court, which shows that the punishment in the field by the football coach is not confused with the disciplinary examination by the Sports Court.

Regarding the issue of the CA Mineiro bus being stoned, this happened on a public road, but outside the courtroom of the Sports Court.

In the end, the Attorney General’s Office regretted and acknowledged the behavior of Clube Atltico Mineiro, who did not reveal the author, but referred to the Attorney’s name, throwing him in public. many, who are known to be vicious and destructive.

Your heart,

Ronaldo Botelho Piacente

STJD Attorney General“.

See all, list by Atltico

Atltico received with dismay the news that the Hulk athlete will be tried by the High Court of Justice (STJD), for what happened in match against Coritiba, for the 3rd round of the Brazilian Championship.

It is unthinkable that the STJD Attorney General’s Office, which must be committed to exemption and fairness, has lent itself to the responsibility of filing a grievance, provided by Mr. . Rafael Bozzano, clearly expressed his desire to attack Clube Atltico Mineiro.

It is a denial that the unfortunate report by an athlete, on the other hand, can lead to dissatisfaction by an STJD lawyer.

Dissatisfaction may be absurd in an appropriate, let alone physical aggression. In the field, despite a video referee, the match was observed and the player was punished with a yellow card.

By the way, the same enthusiasm and agility was not seen when the Atltico bus rocked in Curitiba, at the decision of the Copa do Brasil, in December 2021 (very real and experienced all of the STJD Attorney), when physically, for unknown reasons, he only loses the last chance to file a complaint.

Atltico will not accept foreign leaders like these and will do everything possible to reverse, including defending itself from terrorism to national competition again.“.

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