The station captures more than 300 meteors in the sky of Santa Catarina; VIDEO | Santa Catarina

Lots of 300 meteors were recorded between Wednesday evening (4) and Thursday morning (5) at the site of Monte Castelo, just north of Santa Catarina (watch the video above). According to amateur scientist Jocimar Justino, at least 120 of them are junk from Comet Halley and are part of rain ETA Aquarids, considered to be the first meteor shower of 2022.

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According to Justino, who is a member of the Brazilian Meteor Observation Network (Bramon), meteors from the ETA Aquáridas start appearing around 3pm on Thursday.

“It was a happy night because the sky was very clear, no clouds. The moon also did not interfere with its luminosity this time. And this coincided precisely in time when the meteor shower peaks, “said the astronomer.

More than 300 meteors have been seen since Wednesday night (4) – Photo: Jocimar Justino / Share

Peak of rain occurs at the end of this week – Photo: Jocimar Justino / Share

According to Bramon, operations on the Eta Aquáridas begin on April 21 and run through May 12. However, the highest rainfall occurs on the night of May 4 and 6. “Maybe, next dawn, the result will return with more meteors,” Justino said.

In Santa Catarina, according to Bramon, Around 35 meteors need an hour at the height of rainin ideal analysis, representing the Eta Aquáridas.

The best time to visit it is from 3am, looking east. The best place to look is at night, away from the big cities.

“Although the radiant of Eta Aquarids is in Aquarius, you do not need to look in the direction of the constellation to see its meteors, as they would appear in all regions of the sky, only caused by the direction of the star. constellation, “he said.

How do Eta Aquarids work?

According to the Brazilian Meteor Observation Network, all meteors from the same bath hit the weather at the same time.

For Earth observers, the meteors arose from the same celestial body. In the case of Eta Aquáridas, this concept is based on the Constellation of Aquarius, next to the star eta Aquarii. That is why the name of this rain is Eta Aquarids.

This is not the only two-year meteor shower that affected Comet Halley, but it is considered the most irritating. In addition to it, Orionids, which appeared in October, are also made up of debris of the same star.

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