The son of João Doria has been extremely successful with NFT

Joao Doria Neto son of João Doria (former governor of São Paulo and now presidential candidate for PSDB), has sold the most important items in his collection of non-profit symbols (NFTs) live for mid-March. It was the work that earned him more than R $ 200,000 in profits.

The son of João Doria has been extremely successful with NFT
Son of João Doria makes a fortune with NFT. (Image: Playback) YouTube

Doria Neto is an NFT trader at OpenSea. In a special deal, CloneX # 17494 went on sale March 20 for 16.6 ETH to other users of the largest NFT store, having used Neto’s Twitter profile until then.

At the time of sale, the price of Ethereum (ETH) was around 14,730 reais, which means that it sold NFT for around 244,500 reais.

Son of João Doria sold NFT for almost double the property value estimated the week before the sale, when it was offered on OpenSea for no more than BRL 147,000.


The Data Platform shows that NFTs are received by third parties, not by running in the middle of data.

Assuming Neto needs to pay around R $ 41,000 to maintain NFT in exchange for another NFT in December, the revenue from this operation alone is over R $ 203,000.

Where the money goes son of João Doria?

Along with the market benefits, Neto will buy two more NFTs this time. The first is Dippie # 926 by the Dippies collection, including 8,888 hippie digital art pieces, purchased for 0.4 ETH.

The second purchase made early Wednesday (23) was Small Bro # 3407 in the Small Bros. NFT series at 0.25 ETH. As the project was not yet developed at the time of receipt, NFT services were adopted to trick the NFT itself when the product was available – a term that means creating new tokens at the plant. smart words.

However, Neto’s performance has been frustrating. One month after the purchase, the storage price (the lowest price on the market) for both fell sharply.

Dippie # 926 bought for 0.4 ETH (5,720 BRL) last month is currently worth 0.239 ETH (3,417 BRL). Little Bro # 3407 lost more when it used 0.25 ETH ($ 3,575), while the highest bid for it is currently only 0.03 ETH ($ 429).

March and April, son of João Doria also got three other NFTs from its OpenSea account through a collection called Happy Homies NFTs that has invested in NFTs through blockchain games such as MetaCraft and WhisBe collections.

It also bought Yokai # 1653 from Akuma Chronicles for 1.15 ETH. This trade could not be reversed as Akuma History low price fell to 0.38 ETH (5,430 BRL) on Wednesday (20).

It is also noted that Neto has created a third OpenSea account to which it has delivered two NFTs by Hope and Fat Tony.

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